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  Number 332 | Marzo 2009
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Before the Night Gets Much Darker…
On Saturday, February 28, a dozen civic organizations organized street demonstrations in eight Nicaraguan cities “against the electoral fraud, the dictatorship and hunger.” The slogan constantly repeated... continuar...


A LITTLE TRANSPARENCY PROBLEM The director of the government’s Zero Hunger program, Gustavo Moreno, resigned his post on February 10, after constant harassment and charges by the Councils of... continuar...


Blow by Blow, Step by Step, The Global Crisis Is Hitting Us Hard
The main characteristic of this new world economic crisis is that it started in the North, in the developed world. Unlike the most recent important crises, which occurred in developing countries—the... continuar...


Looking at the Ruins of a Defiled Electoral Process
Since its founding in 1996, the Ethics and Transparency Civic Group (E&T) has observed 9 electoral processes in Nicaragua and accompanied them in over 25 countries as an international observer or adviser... continuar...


Narco-Business: A “New War”
When setting out to analyze Álvaro Colom’s first year in government, one must keep the global crisis in mind. It’s already playing a role that the government has only a limited capacity to counteract. More... continuar...


Zelaya’s Final Year Is Off to a Bad Start
The year got off to a troubled start. The lurching of the economies of the rich world’s power centers is now bringing consequences to countries as poor as ours. By the end of the second month of... continuar...


The Crisis of Religion In Christianity
Within Christianity the crisis of religion is reaching a climax in Europe, and has already reached a very high level in the Americas. And it’s a crisis with very old roots. The triumph of scholasticism... continuar...

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