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  Number 400 | Noviembre 2014
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One black, one clear: Two vital liquids under threat
The significant drop in oil prices could have seismic effects in Venezuela, with the aftershocks rattling the project of our presidential couple here in Nicaragua. Having read the signs, they are beginning... continuar...


DISASTERS CAUSED BY THE RAINS After a severe drought in a good part of the country, October brought excessive rains, causing flooding and disasters in various places. According to official data... continuar...


The ship of education is foundering
The problems, limitations and deficits of education in Nicaragua are not only getting no better, but are actually getting so much worse that it could be argued the ship of education is sinking. We urgently... continuar...


Reflections from the Ngäbe-Buglé region: Food security or food sovereignty?
Years ago, a strong and healthy Ngäbe man told me he was raised on a diet of frogs’ legs. That surprised me because we associate frog’s legs with fine dining in Parisian restaurants, not the food of... continuar...


Ayotzinapa in ourheart
Today, Sunday October 26, exactly a month into the absence of 43 young people who were disappeared from the Teacher Training School in Ayotzinapa by the Iguala Municipal police in the state of Guerrero,... continuar...


A day in the life of three Central American migrants
During a visit to Maryland and Virginia, three Central Americans talked to me about the often tightly interwoven areas that burn their souls: work, documents, emotions and God. I savored their words... continuar...


Mining myths, paradoxes and realities
Over the last two decades the mining industry, metallic mining in particular, has once again become very important in Central America. This new boom is due both to the decreased regulation of its activity... continuar...

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