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  Number 412 | Noviembre 2015
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The sum of all fears
This month’s main events included the representative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), who is also represents the UN system in the country, leaving Nicaragua abruptly upon being informed... continuar...


Nicaragua Briefs
PUTIN DECORATES ORTEGA On November 4, Russia’s health minister, Veronika Skvortsova, presented the Order of Friendship to Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega, sent to him by President Vladimir... continuar...


We’re at an inflection point and should be concerned
I first want to begin by offering my analysis of Nicaragua’s poverty picture because we finally have relatively fresh data. On October 6 the government published the results of last year’s Living Standard... continuar...


The face and the cross of Guatemala’s “spring”
A lot of people followed with admiration what the Guatemalan people achieved in six months of civic protest in the streets. While most continue admiring it, we need to look with a critical eye at what... continuar...


The rise and fall of the Rosenthal Clan
On October 7, the US Department of Justice reported that Jaime Rosenthal, his son Yani Benjamín Rosenthal Hidalgo and his nephew Yankel Rosenthal had been fingered as drug traffickers and that the Treasury... continuar...


The political clout of immigrant organizations, et al
Organizations providing undocumented immigrants with real, ongoing support have been recognized—and rightly so—as areas that resist exclusion and smooth the way to alternative forms of citizenship because... continuar...


For a pact of dreamers
What satisfaction my heart would feel if they were to tell me that I would not receive the Rafto Human Rights Prize because Hondu¬ras was no longer a State that violates human rights. If they were... continuar...

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