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  Number 440 | Marzo 2018
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The dilemmas of this “other time”
U S Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s visit to five allied Latin American counties between February 2 and 7 just weeks before his inexplicable firing, is the first clear sign that the Trump government... continuar...


Nicaragua briefs
LATIN AMERICA SUDDENLY ON THE US PUBLIC AGENDA In addition to the University of Texas symposium on “US Involvement and Engagement in Western Hemisphere Affairs” on February 1, where Secretary... continuar...


“We need a strategy for transitioning to democracy”
It was anticipated in early 2016, the year of Nicaragua’s latest presidential elections, that Nicaragua’s relations with the United States might take a turn for the better. An unusual package of US... continuar...


Land-grabbing in Nueva Guinea and El Castillo
A At the end of the war of the 1980s, certain territo¬ries were designated for people displaced by that war as well as those who fought in it and turned in their weapons, so they could return to civilian... continuar...

Costa Rica

Keys to the first round, doubts about round two
In his bid for the presidency, neo-Pentecostal Congressman Fabricio Alvarado burst onto Costa Rica’s electoral scene by obtaining a majority in the first round of voting on February 4. The possibility... continuar...

América Latina

Persistent inequality: Disputing the legacy of Latin America’s “pink tide”
In this election year in Latin America, when what has been called the “pink tide” may confirm its ebb and strengthen conservative forces, the time is ripe to reflect on how the progressive governments... continuar...


Imagine the other
There’s a recurring phantasmagoria that repeats itself so many times we end up turning our backs on it. It’s the army of Central American emigrants who try with unending stubbornness to reach the Mexican-US... continuar...

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