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  Number 429 | Abril 2017
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To participate or not to participate: Is that the question?
Three months into his adminis tration, President Trump has yet to define his policy toward Latin America. The members of Congress who sponsored the “Nica Act,” a bill that would block inter¬national... continuar...


Nicaragua briets
>THE WATER SITUATION WILL BECOME CRITICAL On World Water Day, March 22, with the wells in numerous rural areas of Nicaragua already dry, experts warned that the country will face a crisis in the... continuar...


What can we expect fromthe agreements with the OAS?
How does one classify Daniel Ortega’s government? The term “electoral authoritarian regime” is being used with increasing frequency to define a particular government model that isn’t an electoral democracy,... continuar...


Stripped of its own nature, the Police is a satellite of the regime
Since 2007 the refrain “Nicaragua, the safest country in Central America” has been promoted both nationally and internationally. Police Director General Aminta Granera was responsible for doing this... continuar...

El Salvador

Supreme Electoral Tribunal under siege
The struggle between those wanting to maintain El Salvador’s social structure and those wanting to transform it has gone through different moments and different expressions. The main purpose has always... continuar...


The ghost of Maya justice is haunting the country
The ghost of Maya justice is haunting Guatemala. Self-righteous talk show guests, guardian angels of positive law, omnipresent pens in opinion pages, big capital, unconditional addicts of national sovereignty... continuar...

América Latina

The extractivism of “leftist” governments: Alternative development model or trap?
The wave of governmental changes starting in 1999 with Hugo Chávez’s coming to power in Venezuela, followed by electoral victories for Lula in Brazil (2003), the Kirchners in Argentina (2003), Tabaré... continuar...

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