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  Number 409 | Agosto 2015
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Some are already milling around the electoral starting gate
With the traumatic Experience of the fraud in the 2011 presidential election and the 2008 and 2012 municipal ones still fresh in their mind, Nicaragua’s wannabe Presidents are beginning to ask questions... continuar...


CORRUPTION IN THE TUMARÍN HYDROELECTRIC PROJECT The digital publication Istoé Brasil reported in early August that the private Brazilian companies Eletrobras and Queiroz Galvao are... continuar...


We need to demand annulment of the canal concession and law
On May 31, the Chinese company HKND Group’s general manager in Nicaragua delivered a 14- volume Environmental and Social Impact Assess¬ment (ESIA) on the proposed interoceanic canal to the members of... continuar...


Between prison fires and media bonfires, empathy is lost
I woke up with the shouts of my comrades who were breaking through the roof of wood and sheet metal. We had to jump over a wall; others were dying in the flames. The prisoners caught fire as they... continuar...


Critical thought versus the capitalist hydra
Despite increased military and paramilitary activities within the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) area, the Zapatistas began organizing an homage to Spanish–Mexican philosopher, researcher,... continuar...


The power of theater on the Mexican-US border: Solid and liquid border vigilance (Part 4)
In last month’s installment I considered various premises to explain the decline in migrant apprehensions on the US-Mexican border, an issue that has been researched very little. It’s often quickly... continuar...

América Latina

How the Evangelical communities have grown
The Evangelical movement’s politically conservative expressions in Latin America—in particular its persistent struggle in alliance with the Catholic hierarchy against the decriminalization of abortion... continuar...

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