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  Number 401 | Diciembre 2014
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2014 wasn’t just any old year
The favorable elements that for the past seven years have so amply bankrolled President Daniel Ortega’s economic and political maneuvering room began to dissipate this year. Meanwhile, a substantially... continuar...


OXFAM REPORT ON WORLD INEQUALITY Oxfam International’s extensively researched and powerfully written report, “Even it up: Time to end extreme inequality,” presented in October, specifically... continuar...


The canal will jeopardize our ability to adapt to climate change
Global warming, as we know, is the increase in the Earth’s mean temperature. This climate change is provoked by carbon dioxide emissions, known as greenhouse effect gases, resulting from the burning... continuar...


Nicaragua’s proposed interoceanic canal: Many more questions than answers
The Academy of Sciences of Nicaragua invited the InterAmerican Network of Academies of Science (IANAS) and the International Council for Science’s Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean... continuar...


We can’t resign ourselves to losing Lake Cocibolca
Very much in line with Comandante Daniel Ortega Saavedra’s urging in June 2012 that the design of the Great Interoceanic Canal must be “conceived and executed well so as not to affect the environment,”... continuar...


Chabelo Morales: Symbol of resistance
Chabelo” is short for José Isabel, but everyone also calls him “Chele,” because of his unusually light complexion. a peasant who never got beyond second grade and never held a post as a grassroots leader,... continuar...


Ayotzinapa shakes the country
The Cocos tectonic plate in the Pacific Ocean south of the state of Guerrero continually pushes against the North American plate with repercussions in central Mexico that make the country one of the... continuar...


Who�s afraid of the Latino vote?
The US midterm elections were held on November 4. Their bureaucratic goal was to reelect the 435 members of the House of Representatives, who serve a two-year term, and 36 of the 100 Senate members,... continuar...

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