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  Number 419 | Junio 2016
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Though Ortega holds a stacked deck, the opposition played its first cards
On May 6, at the last possible legal minute, the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) finally issued the official call for this year’s general elections. It didn’t advise the independent press of the activity... continuar...


Nicaragua briets
H6>TUMARÍN PROJECT SUSPENDED It was learned in late May that as a precautionary measure the Brazilian government had suspended funds to the State electric utilities company Electrobras for its... continuar...


Municipal autonomy isn’t a concession, but a right the government has undermined
Local government autonomy isn’t a gracious concession by central governments. It’s a right all peoples have to govern themselves. Municipal autonomy is not, as some in Nicaragua think today, the invention... continuar...


Powerful winds are blowing against the Grand Canal
El Gran Canal Interoceánico de Nicaragua —Nicaragua’s Grand Interoceanic Canal: it has a 19th-century ring to it. At the end of that century, in fact, the ambition of kings and magnates since... continuar...


A country-laboratory for Washington’s security policies
Two months after Berta Cáceres’ assassination, which deeply moved Honduras and the rest of the world, the Public Ministry put out warrants for the arrest of several people accused of participating in... continuar...


Donald Trump wants to destroy the heterogeneous State
Waving the banner of xenophobia and stirring up hatred against Latino and other immigrants, Donald Trump has turned himself into a vote-harvesting machine among the most conservative sectors of the United... continuar...

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