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  Number 396 | Julio 2014
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Signs of climate change North and South
After Nicaragua’s bishops presented their 14-page list of Social, institutional and environmental problems and challenges to President Ortega on May 21, virtually everyone expressed support for their... continuar...


INTEROCEANIC CANAL On June 5, the web page of HKND, the company of Wang Jing, the businessman whom President Ortega granted the right to construct an interoceanic canal a year ago, announced... continuar...


What influence will Pope Francis have on the Nicaraguan Church?
Pope Francis is exercising a notable degree of leadership in global society. The influence he could have on the Catholic Church depends on a number of important factors. Here I’d like to reflect on... continuar...


An expert speaks on political ethics
Jorge Luis Borges used to say: “I think that in time we will deserve not to have governments.” This phrase engraved itself on my memory the first time I read it more than 25 years ago, because it... continuar...


My questions about July 19 on the 35th anniversary of the revolution
A new July 19 celebration. A few days earlier I sought out some young men and women from the Sandinista Youth organization, many of whom are my age (29), but the majority younger. They seem very happy... continuar...


The interoceanic canal: An ever-present but never realized dream
In May 2012 President Daniel Ortega announced the intention to construct an interoceanic canal through Nicaragua. He first mentioned it at the Central American Presidents’ meeting with President Barack... continuar...

El Salvador

The second FMLN government gets off to a good start
Salvador Sánchez Cerén, former teachers’ union leader and guerrilla commander during the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Movement’s war of liberation, was inaugurated President of El Salvador on... continuar...


Big and small fleeing from the geography of fear
Central Americans in search of asylum: it sounds like a front-page newspaper headline from the eighties. The peace accords that the conflicting forces signed between 1988 and 1996 appeared to have tossed... continuar...

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