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  Number 397 | Agosto 2014
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Will we always use violence to deal with our problems?
Chinese businessman Wang Jing arrived in Nicaragua on July 5, accompanied by a retinue of functionaries from HKND, the company he says will make the canal dream that has dominated Nicaragua’s collective... continuar...


EXPLOSIVES FOR THE CANAL Tiang Je, an executive of the HKND Group, the Chinese company granted the interoceanic canal construction concession, announced that they would build an explosives factory... continuar...


How much longer will the country’s water last?
Although the issue of water is essential and understanding the problems it presents involves a certain complexity, virtually no one seems to want to spend even a couple of hours thinking about this vital... continuar...


There’ll be no development by ignoring Science
If impoverished countries are to progress towards a knowledge-based economy, the environment has to be conducive to innovation and the economic regime and institutional framework have to be appropriate.... continuar...


Why so many immigrants? The cup ranneth over...
The data is irrefutable: an enormous wave of unaccompanied children from countries in Central America’s northern triangle has crossed the extensive Mexican territory and made it to the United States.... continuar...


Does the US bear responsibility for the violence they’re fleeing?
There have been Central American refugees in the United States for a long time. The large numbers of children currently crossing the Mexico-US border are what have caught the world’s attention and triggered... continuar...

América Latina

We need a mining moratorium given the obsession for gold
Gold mining has become a scourge plaguing many Latin American countries. A few transnational giants are operating in certain places but hundreds, thousands, of people throng together in other areas,... continuar...

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