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  Number 403 | Febrero 2015
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The river that must be crossed and the stones that must be felt for
Chinese business magnate Wang Jing made a brief stopover in Nicaragua in December to star in a curiously insignificant inaugural act for such a colossal work as his projected Great Interoceanic Canal.... continuar...


COSTA RICA RE THE CANAL In mid-December, Costa Rican Deputy Foreign Minister Alejandro Solano referred to the “many doubts” his country has about the economic viability of Nicaragua’s interoceanic... continuar...


The UNESCO study alerts us that we’re falling behind in education
For over 12 years UNESCO has been measuring the learning of primary students in Latin American countries through what it has called the Regional Comparative and Explanatory Study. In December 2014 it... continuar...


The Grand Canal and the “grand” job expectations
The announcement about the construction of the interoceanic canal generated huge expectations about the jobs this megaproject would create. They talked about as many as a million direct and indirect... continuar...


Nicaragua has to engage in dialogue
German philosopher Hannah Arendt coined the term “banal evil” to refer to actions or behaviors that are clearly evil and may even end up becoming perverse but do not originate in human feelings such... continuar...

El Salvador

Progress, but still unpaid debts to the country’s indigenous peoples
January 22 marked the 83rd anniversary of the 1932 uprising and massacre of indigenous people and peasants. That year, three days after the capture of Farabundo Martí, Alfonso Luna, Mario Zapta and... continuar...


The Ayotzinapa movement is transforming the country
The tragedy of the still-missing Ayotzinapa teacher training school students who were forcibly disappeared by government security forces in Iguala, Guerrero, last September continued impacting Mexico... continuar...


Migrants on the road, churches in civil disobedience
Undocumented migrants aren’t alone. They wouldn’t be able to enter and stay in the United States without sustained daily support. Who are the “criminals” who help them violate the law? Are they “coyotes”... continuar...

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