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  Number 417 | Abril 2016
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No path ahead
The world and regional panorama has changed radically since Daniel Ortega won the presidency of Nicaragua for the third time in the 2011 elections. At that time the country’s economy was on the up and... continuar...


Nicaragua briets
IMF CLOSES ITS MANAGUA OFFICE Alluding to “the macroeconomic stability and growth” the country is experiencing, the International Monetary Fund announced on March 30 that it is closing the... continuar...


Three mutilating blows to the law against violence to women
Nicaragua’s police stations for women and children, a relatively novel institution created in Nicaragua in 1993 for woman to denounce the violence they had suffered and thus begin the journey to justice,... continuar...


It isn’t “harvest time” yet in the Northern Triangle
The US Congress finally approved $750 million for the Northern Triangle’s Alliance for Prosperity Plan (PAP-TN) on December 15, 2015, after almost a year of negotiations. President Obama had originally... continuar...


The first hundred days of the comedian President
The first quarter of this year demonstrated that Guatemala’s seeming political erosion is a reality. The new Congress The party that won the most congressional seats (45 of the 158) in... continuar...


Berta Cáceres: An indomitable woman with a statesperson’s nature
The murder of Berta Cáceres will go unpunished. Honduras’ dark forces under the command of Honduras’ Desarrollos Energéticos S.A. (DESA) corporation, which has allies in the Public Ministry, has so... continuar...

América Latina

Ecuador: A citizens’ revolution …without citizens?
Latin America’s leftist intellectuals, of whom I consider myself one by adoption, have made two mistakes in their analysis of the political processes of the last hundred years, above all when there are... continuar...

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