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  Number 420 | Julio 2016
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No bridge over these troubled waters
Not even a week of uncertainty had passed since President Ortega had called electoral observers “shameless” and angrily decreed that “observation is all done here! Let ’em go observe other countries!”... continuar...


Nicaragua briets
INVOKE THE DEMOCRATIC CHARTER? In mid-June, Violeta Granera, the National Coalition for Democracy’s vice presidential candidate before it was disqualified from running, participated in different... continuar...


The civic path is taking on tinges of rebellion
We in the Independent Liberal Party (PLI) were expecting the blow Daniel Ortega delivered, which prevents us from running in the upcoming elections. It was predictable and we’ve been analyzing it since... continuar...


A chronicle of guerrilla warfare and mosaic pieces of the Mosquitia
I’m aware of the problems the outcome of my re¬search could cause. As the statement by Pierre Vidal-Naquet that I used as an epigraph warns: “Just because an ideology empowers a fact doesn’t annul that... continuar...


What the CICIG papers have revealed
Thanks both to the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), an agency promoted by the United Nations and the Guatemalan government that has been working in the country since 2007,... continuar...


Is the green economy really the new magic formula?
The dominant image of the green economy is that it wants to get away from the use of fossil fuels. It is an attractive and optimistic message: the economy can continue growing and that growth can be... continuar...


The subliminal effects of policy messages on the democratic exercise
Democracy is in trouble, and an important cause of many of its contemporary ailments is the messages policies send to citizens about participation and engagement. In the degenerative policy contexts... continuar...

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