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  Number 404 | Marzo 2015
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Insecurities in the region’ssafest country
THE MONTH Two current realities are causing major insecurity among the peasant populations of various rural areas. In the north, it’s the government’s militarization and repression in response... continuar...


TIME PERIODS AND LAND LIMITS TO THE CANAL CONCESSION Environmental lawyer Mónica López Baltodano provided more precise data this month about the deadlines granted to the Chinese company HKND... continuar...


A correct energy strategy must be aimed at Nicaragua’s development
Acountry’s total energy demand includes the needs related to transport, light, making machines run, cooking, etc., and is supplied by a variety of sources. Almost 50% of Nicaragua’s energy still comes... continuar...


Zero Hunger: How are the women doing?
In 2007, Daniel Ortega’s government launched the “Zero Hunger” Food Production Program (PPA), as the main instrument of its food security policy. The program’s general stated aim is to eradicate hunger,... continuar...


Therise and fall of Los Cachiros cartel
Honduras has been described as the most violent country in the world, and its criminality is closely linked to drug-trafficking. It’s situation has gotten out of hand for the United States, which has... continuar...


Ayotzinapa on the world map of dignity
After the big demonstrations in Mexico and around the world at the end of January demanding the return of the students from Ayotzinapa, the Mexican government tried to close the case, giving way to repression... continuar...


2045: Welcome to a fair future
Natural resource politics looks at who controls nature and how it is used. The answers are complex and full of contradictions. Institutional structures, power, knowledge, scale and time are important... continuar...

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