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  Number 242 | Septiembre 2001
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Between Two Evils and Many Dreams
The official kick-off date for this year’s electoral campaign was August 18. Despite the fact that two of the three political parties running this time have not stopped campaigning since the last elections,... continuar...


Abstention in 2001? The Messages of 2000
It was a given before the municipal elections of November 2000: Nicaraguans vote, come what may. The population turned out en masse for the presidential elections of both 1984 and 1990—the latter called... continuar...


Which Party Has the Best Agricultural Development Plan?
Will the next government be able to propose and implement an agrarian policy that really responds to the sector’s problems, in particular one that favors technological changes that offer economic and... continuar...


The Wounds of Sexual Abuse
On the periphery of the globalized world, Nicaragua struggles as best it can for democracy and development, longing to reach these two closely-linked goals that glimmer in the distance like the lines... continuar...


Protected Areas and Natural Resources: With or Without People?
In 1983, the Sandinista government decreed the creation of a natural reserve in the San Cristóbal-Casitas volcanic complex to protect what was left of the forest cover on its slopes. Similar reserves... continuar...


PRIVATIZATION OF ENITEL On August 30, after several failed tries, the government finally closed a deal to sell off 40% of the shares of Nicaragua’s telecommunications company (ENITEL) to a Swedish... continuar...


Who’s Rescuing the South’s Shipwreck: NGOs or the State?
At the beginning of this year I shared with envío readers some reflections on the work of NGDOs, the nongovernmental organizations dedicated to promoting development in the countries of the South... continuar...

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