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  Number 293 | Diciembre 2005
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El Güegüense: Heritage of Humanity
In the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, UNESCO defines intangible cultural heritage as “the practices, representations and expressions, knowledge and skills... continuar...


New Times? Güegüense Times
The Nicaraguan play El Güegüense o Macho-Ratón, written in Spanish and Nahuatl by an anonymous playwright, has been a cultural treasure of our country since it was written in the 17th century—making... continuar...


“The Alliance Around Herty Lewites Is a Unique Opportunity We Mustn’t Waste”
Nicaragua is going through extremely serious times right now, and the worst thing that could happen would be for things to remain exactly the same after the 2006 elections. President Enrique Bolaños’... continuar...


While the Left Is Modernizing, The Right Is Stagnating
While it is true that “Left” as a political concept has lost programmatic clarity, this should not push us into tossing out its ethical-political meaning, much less accepting as inevitable the reality... continuar...


Elections in the Caribbean Coast: Drugs, Abandonment and Apathy
Seldom has Nicaragua’s Caribbean region been so important to the country’s political class. It has nothing to do with the coast’s endemic hunger or generalized poverty, or with the autonomous regime... continuar...


ALEMÁN’S TRIAL IN PANAMA POSTPONED The great expectations created in the Nicaraguan media about former President Arnoldo Alemán’s trial in Panama were dashed when, alleging their client’s ill... continuar...


The Visible and Invisible Aspects of Feminicide
Although the debate over terminology is ongoing and concepts are still being defined, “feminicide” is the word most commonly used in Guatemala to give a name to the murder of women. For the past five... continuar...


Why Do So Many Civilians Have Firearms?
An argument over custody of their children may have driven a man so crazy that he shot his wife to death in Ciudad Delgado. H.E., a 26-year-old woman, was killed with one bullet Wednesday night at the... continuar...

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