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  Number 227 | Junio 2000
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Youth Gangs: A Cultural Prison
I loved myself as traitor, thief, stick-up man, informer, detestable, destructive, despicable, coward. With axe blows and shouts I severed the bonds that kept me in the world of regular morals, at... continuar...


A Society Scandalized
The word "scandal" comes from the Greek word for stumbling block. To scandalize is literally to trip up, obstruct, hold back, although in more common usage it means to disgrace, shock, offend one’s moral... continuar...


POVERTY IN COLD NUMBERS According to the figures of a household survey done recently by the United Nations Development Program UNDP), only 50% of houses in Nicaragua have electricity and drinking... continuar...


Who Fishes Best in Troubled Waters?
The first two and a half months of President Alfonso Portillo’s new government were characterized by remarkable inefficiency and punctuated by his own numerous personal and official trips. With lots... continuar...


On the Eve of the Elections: A Vote of Fear or a Vote for Change?
In these last weeks leading up to the July 2 presidential and congressional elections, the situation in Mexico has become very dangerous. The population has expressed a growing desire to see the presidency... continuar...


Money Laundering and Investment: A Few Clues
Starting at the end of the 1960s, certain platforms for "dirty" money began to be set up in offshore tax havens and financial centers—the same countries that act as a base for the geographic expansion... continuar...

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