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  Number 260 | Marzo 2003
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The Names of the Rose
For an entire month, a different theme vied successfully for space with all the political and economic issues that usually dominate Nicaragua’s headlines. Not only refusing to go away, it wove in many... continuar...


Six Realistic Theories About the Mythical 6%
Between February 19 and 21, university students again took to the streets to demand 6% of the national bud get for the ten universities that make up the National Council of Universities (CNU). The processions,... continuar...


Municipal Governments and Natural Resources: Swimming Upstream?
San Francisco Libre’s municipal government is tired of trying to stop the logging that’s impoverishing the municipality’s forests. The people who gather and sell firewood invariably find a way to mock... continuar...


NICARAGUA AGAINST IRAQ In the February 19 UN debate on the Iraq issue, the Latin American countries did not present a united front. Nicaragua struck one of the most uncompromising postures... continuar...

El Salvador

Could the Community “Over There” Depolarize Politics “Over Here”?
Although there has been no formal census, it is commonly accepted that 25% of the Salvadoran population lives abroad. It is similarly, accepted that the dollars this population sends back to the relatives... continuar...


Weakness, Inequality and Complicity
Twenty years after civilian rule replaced military dictatorship, Honduras’ governability is still very fragile. Honduran society has extreme inequalities and is going through a crisis that is directly... continuar...


George W. Bush: A Dictator by Any Other Name...
The term dictator has been used in my lifetime to describe a range of political leaders. Certainly Hitler was a dictator, perhaps the first of whom I was conscious—and about whom there is fairly universal... continuar...


Always at War against Someone
In the middle of last year, while this war was incubating, George W. Bush declared that “we must be ready to attack any obscure corner of the world.” Iraq, then, is an obscure corner of the world. ... continuar...


War Is a Defeat for Humanity
1. The world is currently experiencing the most serious situation since the end of the Cold War. The reason is President Bush’s threat to attack Iraq, a sovereign country. In fact, some 200,000 troops... continuar...

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