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  Number 425 | Febrero 2017
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A presidential inauguration under clouding skies
President Ortega began his fourth term in office in conditions bearing little resemblance to those that ushered in his second and third terms in 2007 and 2012 (his first dates back to 1984-90). On January... continuar...


Nicaragua briets
INTEROCEANIC CANAL ON AGAIN, OFF AGAIN… At the end of last year it was unofficially confirmed that the government has discarded the interoceanic canal mega-project. Business leaders acknowledged... continuar...


Nica-US relations in the Era of Trump
We’ve been observing Donald Trump for over 18 months as a pre-candidate then candidate for the US Presidency, almost three months as President-elect and now as President. Yet, despite all we’ve seen,... continuar...


We’re overwhelmed by an enormous educational backwardness
In 2006 a group of education professionals formulated a public proposal we called “Seven priorities of Nicaraguan education.” The objective was to buttress the education system’s central importance... continuar...

El Salvador

Fiscal Crisis: Between dangers and opportunities
Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) leader Lorena Peña currently chairs the Salvadoran Legislative Assembly’s Financial Commission after having served as Legislative Assembly president until... continuar...


A priest, a coop and a peasantry that regulates the elites
Which peasant cooperative in Central America is the strongest in trade? Which one is in charge of all stages of coffee processing—removing the pulp, then drying, hulling, roasting and grinding the... continuar...


An independent indigenous candidate to mobilize the dispossessed
This year began in Mexico with growing waves of discontent among much of the population with the “gasolinazo” : a huge hike in fuel, electricity and gas prices, with consequent increases in the... continuar...


Trump’s victory signals the end of progressive neoliberalism
The election of Donald Trump represents one of a series of dramatic political uprisings that together signal a collapse of neoliberal hegemony. These uprisings include the Brexit vote in the United... continuar...

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