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  Number 452 | Marzo 2019
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Negotiation time again: For real or another stall?
“We can no longer talk about how we’re going to return to the situation before April. No longer! That has now passed! .... We need to have a table, a meeting to open a new path that improves the conditions... continuar...


Nicaragua briefs
SENTENCES AGAINST PEASANT LEADERS the rural farmers Medardo Mairena, Tedro Mena and Luis Orlando Icabalceta, leaders of the anti-canal peasant movement, received extraordinary sentences from... continuar...


The Ortega regime in the global and regional context
Nicaraguans’ civil struggle against the Ortega dictatorship is influenced by what’s happening in Latin America. At the same time, what’s happening in Latin America is being affected by what’s happening... continuar...


“I want this nightmare to be over”
In our work as the GIEI, we considered it important to reflect the psycho-social impact of the human rights violations endured by victims and their families starting on April 18. Contact with these... continuar...


How did adults view April’s rebellious youth?
Five university youth organizations made up the heart and muscle of last April’s revolt. Their debut on the nation’s political stage took analysts by surprise and swam against the current of previous... continuar...

El Salvador

The end of two-party dominance... and the beginning of a seismic shock?
Breaking the two-party dominance that has prevailed in El Salvador for over three decades, Nayib Bukele won the presidential elections with 53.1% of the valid votes in a four-party race as the candidate... continuar...

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