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  Number 430 | Mayo 2017
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How can we free ourselves from something this serious?
Various analysts who know what goes on behind the scenes in Washington have been telling Nicaragua’s government advisers they’re making a big mistake by denying reality and trying to convince the population... continuar...


Nicaragua briets
CLIMATE CHANGE Although there are now more technological means in Nicaragua than ever before to predict climate trends, the country’s scientists say the atmospheric signs that allowed adequate... continuar...


“The State is mainly responsable for the country’s water problems”
Reflecting on the quality, distribution and uses of water in Nicaragua has been a pivotal part of my professional career. Back when I was a student I learned to value water as a public good, essential... continuar...


The words of an indigenous authority: “This is how we apply Maya justice”
Last August I travelled to Tunijá, a village in Guatemala’s western highlands, some 190 km from the capital city and ten minutes by bus from the urban center of Zacualpa, the municipal capital. I had... continuar...


Preparing the scene and keeping an eye on those “squealing” in the North
President Juan Orlando Hernández made an untimely trip to Washingtonin mid-March. He traveled right after the Honduran parties’ primary elections, in which he pulled twice the number of votes for his... continuar...


Media/Impunity/State/ Democracy/Opacity
Restraint, uncertainty, fear, crisis, death, impunity… The death count of murdered journalists in Mexico is growing. The attacks aren’t even being controlled, much less reduced; and the ways and means... continuar...

América Latina

There’s no rule of law here
There is no rule of law in Venezuela because there isn’t even a “State.” Not only is this true with respect to the administrative bodies of public affairs, but in the most elementary sense denoted... continuar...

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