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  Number 368 | Marzo 2012
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Days of ash
The fraud so carefully organized by the electoral branch was designed to allow the governing Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) to go less heavy-handedly and with fewer obstacles for “more victories”... continuar...


SEXUAL ABUSE IN THE CHURCH Rome’s Pontifical Gregorian University held a symposium titled “Towards healing and renewal” in the Vatican during the first days of February. The objective was to... continuar...


The quality of public education is endangering the country’s future
I want to reflect on the public education the State is offering the majority of the population, financed with the public money contributed by Nicaraguan citizens through our taxes and citizens of other... continuar...


Memories of a feminist generation
My mother is a lawyer who’s over 50 years old. The years have marked her, but she still faces life with a firm attitude and retains her unalterably combative spirit. She fought against the Somoza dictatorship... continuar...


A ship of State in flame and sinking
It’s not an easy task in Honduras to get people to give their opinion, express themselves, especially if they’re on foot, don’t go to university, earn a living selling in the street or the market, are... continuar...


We live in a country that murders women
Honduras is the most violent country in the world. Life, like a multitude of daily realities, has become disposable for a population that is the victim of a culture of fear. According to the National... continuar...


“Non-histories” of the Ngäbe and the Buglé
In his homage to the famed Howard Zinn, among so many other things author of A People’s History of the United States, Noam Chomsky speaks about “non-history” events. He is referring to the facts and... continuar...


Self-employment is back
I arrived in Cuba at the end of January 2011. My flight from Miami was filled with Cubans carrying what looked like five or six times the alloted quota of 44 pounds of luggage per person. Some people... continuar...

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