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  Number 346 | Mayo 2010
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Broad Brushstrokes and Fine Touches
Reelecting Daniel Ortega in 2011 is the Sandinista National Liberation Front’s absolute priority. But given that the Constitution prohibits him running for reelection on two counts, Ortega had to finagle... continuar...


MANAGUA COULD DISAPPEAR In an event held in Managua on April 13, Argentine geologist José Viramonte was awarded honorary membership by Nicaragua’s Academy of Geography and History for his specialization... continuar...


They Sow Promises, We Harvest Disillusion
Nicaragua was affected yet again last year by that recurring climatic phenomenon known as El Niño, an ocean current that causes drought across Central America. The 2009 one was severe. It resulted... continuar...


Cargill: In the Belly of the Beast
Cargill is a privately held transnational company that has grown out of all measure to become one of the US corporations with the biggest profit volume in the world. Its activities include buying, selling,... continuar...

El Salvador

The Right to Memory
The first enormous task of the Museum of the Word and Image was to safeguard documentary records from different origins and in a variety of formats (audiovisuals, photographs, manuscripts, artifacts…).... continuar...


I’m Here Because I Went to the USA
I first set out for the United States when I was 16. I had no idea how to get there. They hadn’t told me anything else, but I wanted to see whether everything I’d heard was true. And from the moment... continuar...


Portrait of Pentecostal Evangelicals
Evangelical Christianity is spreading all over Central America with surprising speed. In the past 40 years the number of Evangelicals increased exponentially in the region. Forty percent of Guatemala’s... continuar...

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