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  Number 337 | Agosto 2009
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Major Signs of Crisis, Minor Signs of Flexibility
The 30th anniversary of the in-surrection that ended half a century of Somoza family dictatorship found the FSLN government limited by an escalating economic crisis. Signs of flexibility are urgently... continuar...


WORLD COURT DECIDES RÍO SAN JUAN CASE Alter disputes that have dragged on for 11 years, the 15 justices of the International Court of Justice at the Hague handed down a definitive ruling on... continuar...


With Major New Structural Reforms, The Ball’s Now in Our Court
To assess what Daniel Ortega’s government has done after 30 months in office, the halfway mark, it seems to me that the first starting point should be that often forgotten platitude or truism: all political... continuar...

El Salvador

Aftershocks from Honduras’ Political Earthquake
The very day after Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was pulled out of bed at machinegun point and sent into exile in Costa Rica, the legislative bench chief of El Salvador’s Nationalist Republican Alliance... continuar...


There are No Ideal Solutions To This Coup D’état
All of us in El Progreso were expecting something odd to happen on Sunday 28. Coup or no coup, the day was full of omens. The “consultation” or “citizens’ survey” that had caused such discord and controversy... continuar...


Blow by Blow, Step by Step, Day by Day
Monday, June 29: Only a few days? My first impression on arriving in Honduras this morning was one of calm. Later on, the day has taken care to bring me far more somber panoramas. People’s... continuar...


Fear in the Time of the Virus
In 2009, the world became aware of a new and worrying strain of influenza first dubbed “swine flu” then changed to human influenza A (H1N1). It was first said to have originated in Mexico, but was later... continuar...

América Latina

Letting a Hundred Flowers Bloom?
Intellectuals, democracy and socialism: Dead ends and access roads” was the name they gave to their critical reflection sessions on Hugo Chávez’s Bolivarian project on June 2-3 at the Miranda International... continuar...

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