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  Number 320 | Marzo 2008
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Lots of Clashes, Little Light And Still No Way Forward
The Ortega-Murillo government has definitely reorganized the set on the country’s political and economic stage, transforming whole areas and redecorating others. What it has yet to do is present a clear... continuar...


ANICARAGUA’S STARVED FUTURE Research by the Nutrition Unit of the Education Ministry’s Comprehensive School Nutrition Program (PINE) has revealed that 27% of Nicaragua’s public school students... continuar...


CPCs Around the Country Are Waiting For ‘Guidance’ from Higher Up
The Local Democracy and Development Network is a collection of civil society organizations and individuals that works on three main themes: civic participation, local development and decentralization.... continuar...


A Story of Hope: Six Months of Breaking Silences
All over the world, including Nicaragua, sexual abuse is the worst expression of the unequal power relations between women and men, adults and children. This abuse, this crime, is eating away at the... continuar...


Indignant (and Substantiated) Clues To the CENI Fraud and Renegotiation
The Ortega government is accusing Liberal opposition leader Eduardo Montealegre of responsibility for the whole fraud related to the Central Bank’s Negotiable Investment Certificate (CENI) issue in 2001—ostensibly... continuar...


Can Álvaro Colom Become a Social Democratic President?
President Álvaro Colom Caballeros started his inauguration speech on January 14, 2008, with an audacious phrase that tied his government to a serious commitment: “I thank God that for the first time... continuar...


Remittances Are Far More Than A Development Panacea
Pisto, plata, lapas, tucanes, tejas, tostones, güevo, chichimosca, palos, tucos, fichas, hojas de repollo, barbas, luz verde, reales, búfalos, daimes, meruza, chelines, chambulines, coyoles, chilca,... continuar...

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