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  Number 302 | Septiembre 2006
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Are We Ready to Leap Out of Poverty In a Single Bound?
This year’s electoral campaign officially kicked off on August 19. Under the slogan “Nicaragua united will triumph,” the Sandinista National Liberation Front’s publicity features Daniel Ortega’s face... continuar...


Nicaragua Briefs
ABORTION CONTROVERSY On August 10, the final day of festivities honoring Santo Domingo, Managua’s patron saint, the tiny statue was carried through the streets bearing a huge sign reading “Abortion... continuar...


Nicaraguan Youth Gangs: From Throwing Stones to Smoking Rocks
The most distinguished mention of a 1970s youth gang member in Nicaragua is found in Ernesto Cardenal’s memoirs of the Sandinista revolution. Charrasca was the notorious leader of a gang dedicated... continuar...


The Odyssey of a Peasant Navigating the Seas of Power
Matagalpa, August 2, 2006. Bearing corn stalks and banners proclaiming “you won’t intimidate me,” a crowd of over a hundred peasants, human rights activists and members of the Matagalpa indigenous community... continuar...


How Can Consensus Be Reached When the Conflict Is Denied?
In her book On the Political (2005), Chantal Mouffe offers a lucid analysis of what she calls the “post-conflict” vision of politics, but which we will call “non-conflictive,” to address the... continuar...


To Be Young and Poor: Turf, Violence, Fear, Silence
Ester is a Kakchiquel from one of the villages in Chimaltenango closest to the capital. She has eight children, most of them now teenagers. Two are girls. The older one takes care of most of the... continuar...


Inequality, Environmental Neglect And Apathetic Democracy
One of the main objectives of Central America’s political systems is to consolidate the democratic processes begun in the late 1980s and early 1990s. This consolidation is related to establishing and... continuar...

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