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  Number 300 | Julio 2006
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Herty Lewites: Now a “Spiritual Candidate”
Just as the presidential candidates were moving into position for the official starting bell of this year’s electoral race, Herty Lewites’ heart stopped beating. Lewites was the dark-horse Sandinista... continuar...


HOW MANY ARE WE? On June 29 the Nicaraguan Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INEC) presented the results of its eighth population census and fourth household census, conducted in 2005. The... continuar...


Has a Neoliberal Democracy Been Institutionalized in Nicaragua?
One of the crucial questions we should ask ourselves in Nicaragua’s current political context is whether a neoliberal democracy has been institutionalized in the country. Before attempting an answer,... continuar...


The Words of Women from “Nicaragua’s Navel”
Bocana de Paiwas is the navel of Nicaragua and, although the Bible doesn’t say so, it’s also the earthly paradise,” explain the women from this corner of Nicaragua. Whether it’s heavenly is a subjective... continuar...


Drugs and AIDS: Surely Now It’s Time for a National Alert
In one of his writings, Leonardo Boff recalls the Greek myth of the rebirth of the eagle, similar to the phoenix of Egyptian culture. To achieve its rebirth, the eagle flies higher and higher until... continuar...


An Exodus, a Train, An Unreachable Horizon
Arriaga is a town in Chiapas known for its astounding procession. In Arriaga you can watch the pilgrimage of the Central American people, live and direct. Here are some snapshots of the pilgrims that... continuar...


The Ideological Bricks of the Anti-Immigrant Wall
On August 6, 1890, a German immigrant named William Kemmler was the first person to be executed in the electric chair in the United States, at New York’s Auburn prison. A Tunisian immigrant living in... continuar...

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