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  Number 231 | Octubre 2000
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The Clouds in the Electoral Skies
With less than a month to go before the elections, ominous clouds have gathered in Nicaragua’s skies. Snapshots of this densely overcast horizon give some idea of where Nicaragua stands as it readies... continuar...


A Serpent’s Egg: The New Electoral Law
Nicaragua’s last two election years, 1990 and 1996, were both accompanied by new electoral legislation, and 2000 has followed in their footsteps. The January 2000 reforms, which will govern November’s... continuar...


Another Serpent’s Egg: Political Apathy
On September 28, the Central Bank tried to auction off 600 million córdobas worth of investment certificates to raise funds to compensate for the fall in its international reserves. Despite their return... continuar...


GAMES BANKERS AND POLITICIANS PLAY On September 7, producers from various parts of the country together with employees of the Centeno brothers took over the National Assembly, led by FSLN secretary... continuar...


Boozegate: A Revealing Ethical-Political Earthquake
Guatemala’s government has been shown up for what it is once again, this time by the tax issue. Neither the executive nor the legislative branch has fulfilled the commitments assumed in the Fiscal Pact.... continuar...


Fox’s First Moves in a Tough Transition
Since July 2, a feeling has been growing among the Mexican people that democracy is finally here. In June 1999, according to a survey carried out by the newspaper Reform a, only 38% of the population... continuar...


Comrades and Investors: The Uncertain Transition in Cuba
Much to the delight of technocrats and businesspeople, the Cuban government has made what it calls economic reform its immediate priority. It was not as if it had very many choices. The disintegration... continuar...

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