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  Number 187 | Febrero 1997
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Elections on the Atlantic Coast: Where Politics Moves on Slippery Turf
Before 1979, not much happened politically on Nicaragua's Atlantic Coast; "the world was quiet." Rural costeños in particular lived a fairly bucolic existence among the normally lazy rivers, peaceful... continuar...


Dora María Téllez Assesses the National Assembly
The first two years of the National Assembly that was elected in 1990, which I was part of first as a Sandinista representative for the FSLN and since 1995 as a Sandinista representative for the MRS,... continuar...


MORE ON THE ELECTIONS The International Relations Secretary of Mexico's Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) sent a message to the FSLN leaders and to its presidential candidate Daniel... continuar...


President Alemán: First Moves, First Signals
Many people expected the national logic in Nicaragua following the Liberal victory to be crucial elections = crucial change. It's still soon to note any drastic change, even any surprises, and there... continuar...


Peace Accords: Return of the Quetzal
Well-known Guatemalan Jesuit anthropologist Ricardo Falla recently wrote in the international press: "According to legend, when Alvarado fought hand to hand with the naked Tecún Umán, a wild bird with... continuar...


A Model for Poverty
The government of Carlos Roberto Reina completed three years in office in January 1997 with the great majority of Hondurans still asking themselves what happened to the proclaimed "moral revolution"... continuar...


Zedillo Government: Human Rights in Crisis
With the first third of Ernesto Zedillo's administration now over, a balance sheet can be drawn up from a specifically human rights perspective. This article attempts to do just that. We are concerned... continuar...


Non-governmental Organizations: Who’s making the Decisions
November 15, 1996 San Salvador, El Salvador Dear Colleagues: I am writing to inform you that, due to policy changes related to field participation within Community Aid Abroad (Oxfam Australia), I am... continuar...

América Latina

For Life and Against Neoliberalism
Dear Friends: We Provincial Superiors of the Society of Jesus in Latin America and the Caribbean, following the call of General Congregation 34 to deepen our faith-justice mission, want... continuar...

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