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  Number 181 | Agosto 1996
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Promises Coming and Going
In mid june, seven months before turning over the presidential sash to her succesor, President Violeta Chamorro traveled to Washington to make her farewell speech to a Donors' Community gathering. "I... continuar...


CHAMORRO VETOES 6% FOR UNIVERSITIES On May 10, President Chamorro vetoed the law, passed by the National Assembly on April 18, that affirms the government's obligation to provide 6% of the national... continuar...


Badly Fed and Malnourished
The united nations food and agriculture organization (fao) defines food se?curity as guaranteeing that a country's population has stable access to its basic food needs, both physically and economically.... continuar...

El Salvador

We're in the Dark and Losing the Way
Two years of the second ARENA government have passed. Many speeches have spoken of the two years of government in El Salvador and also of an era that is coming to an end. Some say that this era"... continuar...


The Clinton Report and The Arzú Plan
Fifteen months ago the President of the United States ordered a high level investigation of US intelligence agency activities in Guatemala, especially related to "the torture, disappearance or death... continuar...


It's a Frontal War
A new guerrilla group calling itself the Revolutionary Popular Army (EPR) appeared in Guerrero at the beginning of July. Its stereotypical populist discourse and its shiny new equipment has triggered... continuar...


The New Society We Yearn For
The Berlin wall has fallen, the soviet union has split and we are witnessing the defeat of socialist based utopias that had begun to be built in 1917. But the great wall of poverty has not yet fallen.... continuar...

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