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  Number 163 | Febrero 1995
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Environmental Law: For the Future of All
When the Spanish conquerors reached what is today Nicaragua, they marveled at the opulence of life here: gigantic trees, unknown multicolored birds, majestic rivers. Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo, who... continuar...


The Constitutional Reforms: Another Opportunity
The world is going through a change of epochs that touches even the traditional industrialized countries, particularly those forged in heated struggles that culminated in compromises between social classes... continuar...

El Salvador

FMLN's Convention Resolutions
In December, the People's Renovating Expression (ERP) and the National Resistance (RN) announced their definitive withdrawal from the FMLN. Despite the reasons they gave and their assurances that the... continuar...


The Peace Process is Dead! Long live the Electoral Process!
Guatemala rang in the new year with the inauguration of retired general Efraín Ríos Montt, infamous for his genocidal policies while head of state in the early 1980s, as president of Congress. Some... continuar...


Now There is Light but Blackouts Continue
Promises were fulfilled on December 14 when once again "there was light" in Honduras. President Carlos Reina pushed the button that restored electrical energy services throughout the country and concluded... continuar...


The Downfall of the Neoliberal Fantasy
Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari's farewell speech to Congress on November 1, 1994, was a marathon of self eulogies, void of self criticism. His PRI partisans gave him a standing ovation... continuar...


Central America's Challenge: Produce And Participate
Asymmetric globalization, the new world economic system that is capping the long exploitation of the South, imprinted itself on many facets of Central America in 1994. At first glance we seem to have... continuar...

América Latina

Summit of the Americas: Only the US Wins
The Summit of the Americas, held in Miami on December 9 11, 1994, enjoyed the presence of all but one of the 35 heads of state from the Americas and the Caribbean. Cuban President Fidel Castro was the... continuar...


For an Equitable and Autonomous Coexistence
"Underdevelopment" Makes Its Debut In his January 1949 inaugural address, President Truman used the term "underdevelopment" for the first time, to describe nations or groups whose capacity to... continuar...

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