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  Number 467 | Junio 2020



The regime’s worst hours... to date
Nicaragua is moving into the tragedy foretold: the COVID-19 pandemic’s exponential growth curve. The regime is accustomed to controlling everything, but it’s discovering it can’t bend the coronavirus to its will. Then, in the midst of this fast-worsening health crisis, Europe finally sanctioned several government officials and Washington targeted two more to its growing list: the Armed Forces chief and the public finance minister. These are the dictatorship’s worst hours so far. ... continuar...


Nicaragua briefs
HUNGER AND POVERTY A report by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization predicts that the coronavirus pandemic will bring more poverty and hunger in Latin America, and lists the... continuar...


“Our health system responds to political orders, not to the public”
This epidemiologist brings his long experience in public service to bear in comparing the public health system of the 1980s with now and analyzing how it has handled COVID-19… as of May 15. ... continuar...


“I can’t envision the FSLN’s future”
Dionisio Marenco died on May 19. One of the FSLN’s most skilled militants and politicians, he was among Daniel Ortega’s closest advisers until 2008, when Rosario Murillo labelled him a “traitor” for speaking his mind. He was just ending his term as Managua’s mayor with 90% approval. Nicho looked back over the FSLN’s history for envío’s readers twice, first 20 months after Ortega’s return to the presidency in January 2007, then again the month after his controversial reelection November 2011. Those critical analyses of the Ortega-Murillo regime are a valuable legacy that can’t but make us wonder what Nicaragua would be like today had Nicho been the presidential candidate in 2011 instead. We offer his own words as our eulogy to his memory. ... continuar...

Estados Unidos

A Guatemalan’s chronicle of the April that changed New York
How did COVID-19 start in New York City? As described by this observer who knows tempests, it “spread like the raindrops of a storm announced in the distance.” His empathetic snapshots show how last century’s trade center became this century’s coronavirus center in the April that changed The City. ... continuar...

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