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  Number 465 | Abril 2020
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The virus changed everything …
ged everything throughout the world, dramatically highlighting the need for a State and why the market is no substitute. In Nicaragua, the pandemic has revealed the risks Ortega and Murillo are willing to expose society to by prioritizing money over life, as the economic crisis they are responsible for is the main threat to their ever more insecure power. The virus has also shown the value of people’s mobilization as Nicaraguans have again taken independent action to defend life in clear opposition to the government.... continuar...


Nicaragau briefs
ALMAGRO REELECTED TO OAS AND TRUJILLO MOVED TO THE STATE DEPT. With the votes of 23 of the 34 States attending, Luis Almagro was reelected on March 20 to another five-year term as secretary... continuar...


“We’re getting better organized to engage the dictatorship”
This former legislative representative for various Liberal parties, now a member of the Broad Front for Democracy (FAD) and territorial organizing adviser of the r Civic Alliance, describes what they are finding in Nicaragua’s heartland, and the progress they were making before COVID-19 in organizing the blue and white opposition in the municipalities and departments.... continuar...


Letter to Ernesto Cardenal from a young poet
Dear Father and friend; You’ll never read this letter because I’ll never be able to send it to you. I wrote it to say my last good-bye. I’m in debt to you... I’ll never forget your sullen tender gaze of a spiritual child trapped in an undying elderly man’s body when you read my verses, when you told me about your work as a sculptor… I never thought you were going to die…... continuar...

El Salvador

Authoritarian rule in times of coronavirus
With coercion and extreme preventive measures aimed at controlling the spread of the coronavirus, El Salvador is counting not on “flattening the curve” so much as preventing it from even developing. If the fearsome curve were left to take its course, millions in this crowded country could be infected and tens of thousands could die. ... continuar...


The world after coronavirus
The pandemic has faced humankind with two sets of choices. The first: totalitarian surveillance or citizen empowerment. The second: nationalist isolation or global solidarity. To deal with the pandemic, a well-informed population is much more powerful than a policed, ignorant one. Global cooperation is the only effective measure against it Let’s hope the coronavirus helps humankind to realize the acute danger posed by global disunity.... continuar...

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