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  Number 453 | Abril 2019
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A year after the April rebellion: Still resisting and searching for resolution
Way back in May-June 2018, a first round of talks was held to resolve the national political crisis that had been simmering silently for years but boiled over the previous month when President Daniel... continuar...


Nicaragua briefs
ON THE IACHR BLACK LIST Back on December 21, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) added Nicaragua to its “black list” for the first time since 1993. That list is reserved... continuar...


“Even with the best agreements, the economy won’t recover until 2023
I don’t bring good news and probably with what I’ll share I’ll add to the perception that things are much worse than we imagine in Nicaragua. I’ll reflect on a couple of figures we’d heard before April... continuar...


The lasting imprint of pain and indignation
There are many cases of family members of April’s victims being subjected to revictimization. One exam¬ple of revictimization in found in the consequences people suffered in their fight for justice... continuar...

América Latina

How does a country escape a gradual dictatorship?
It would be rash for anyone on the outside to claim to have the answer about what to do in Venezuela’s case, with its specific features, even applying lessons learned from Democratic Transitions:... continuar...


We’re living in the Anthropocene and the end has already begun
Demarcating a new era as Anthropocene because humans have become a force for global transformation on a geological scale has become central in referring to the current socio-ecological crisis. Anthropocene:... continuar...

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