Envío Digital
Central American University - UCA  
  Number 45 | Marzo 1985



Who is Going to Say Uncle? The Terms of the Conflict Become Clearer
On February 6, in his State of the Union Address, President Reagan initiated his administration’s recent series of verbal attacks on Nicaragua. This unprecedented rhetoric led him to declare publicly... continuar...


Autonomy for the Coast: A New Principle of the Revolution
On December 5, 1984, Nicaragua’s newly elected government announced its recognition of the historic claim of the Caribbean Coast for greater autonomy and inaugurated a national commission to study and... continuar...


Abductions in the Countryside: A Counterrevolutionary Tactic
Over the last few years, almost every bit of Nicaraguan military information makes mention of the abductions carried out by the counterrevolutionaries. These abductions or kidnappings are accompanied... continuar...

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