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  Number 393 | Abril 2014
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Less and less institutionality; more and more inequality
After seven years avoiding a dialog with the bishops, President Ortega decided to receive them, thus triggering expectations about what the bishop’s agenda would and should be. But while the country’s deteriorated institutionality is a priority for much of the opposition, Pope Francis has others.... continuar...


TUMARÍN HIDROELECTRIC PLANT An agreement of understanding between the Brazilian consortium Electrobras – Queiroz Galvao and CHN of Nicaragua was finally signed on March 21 for construction of... continuar...


We don’t want today’s tripartite system; the social economy is a major actor too
This long-time agricultural movement leader analyses some of the government’s rural development policies and critiques its relations with the cooperative movement and what he calls the “social economy” in general..... continuar...


An interoceanic canal is an anachronistic view of development
Science has never been a priority in our society and as a result there’s a disconnect between the political decision-makers and the scientific community. The canal concession, based on an outdated and absurd concept of economic development, was passed without scientific evaluation. Through ignorance or arrogance, science’s contribution was scorned. It’s another missed opportunity to set ourselves on the road to sustainable development and could lead us to fail as a nation.... continuar...

El Salvador

The FMLN won
One FMLN activist said of the first round on February 2, “We lost by a hair.” And of the second round on March 9, “We won by a hair.” The presidential race was that close, but the FMLN still won with the most votes for a single party in the country’s electoral history. ARENA didn’t get El Salvador back.... continuar...


Will the bipartite system get the opposition back under control?
Did last November’s election results break the traditional bipartite system? Has the Liberal Party crumbled due to its internal splits and its third-place showing in those elections? Who’s playing the role of opposition these days? While crucial, these questions have no firm answers in this first post-electoral moment.... continuar...


What do you learn at the Zapatista School?
The Zapatistas invited me to enroll in their school, but health problems prevented me from participating. I did join one of the collectives that got the videoconferences and I also received the books. Later they invited me to join their magazine’s editorial board. In addition I interviewed several students from the school and reviewed the chronicles of those from Mexico and abroad. Out of 500 pages filled with all this information, here’s a brief version of a novel political experience.... continuar...

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