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  Number 375 | Octubre 2012
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The path to the polls
Trusting in their electoral system, Venezuelans decided by a clear majority to stick with Chávez’s project, at the same time registering their discontent with some aspects by giving him a far less massive mandate than they did last time. We Nicaraguans, however, are again going into our elections on a path strewn with mines.... continuar...


MAJOR ENVIRONMENTAL DANGER The Humboldt Center, a Nicaraguan environmental NGO, unveiled a study in September warning of the environmental dangers involved in the construction of “Bolívar’s Supreme... continuar...


“We could have a better country”
On September 26, the 10 Catholic bishops who make up the Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua published a message about the upcoming elections. As is customary, they dedicated it “to the priests, consecrated men and women and pastoral care workers, to all Catholics and to all Nicaraguans, men and women of good will.” We’re publishing it in its entirety because of its importance in the current national context.... continuar...


We’re threatened by a tax reform from the catacombs
With the literary flair of a commentator on far less weighty topics, this tax law expert shares informed critical reflections on the process and probable content of the expected tax reform and on the “little reform” that came before it.... continuar...


New clothes for the emperor... or is ALBA naked in Nicaragua?
President Chávez was reelected a third time. His ALBA project will thus carry on. What have this project’s results been in Nicaragua? 175 years ago Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen published “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” one of the world’s best-known classical tales. Its teaching is wise, its message profound. Its metaphors can also be applied to what’s happening with ALBA in Nicaragua.... continuar...


Notes for a debate about cooperation and the “logframe”
The logical framework approach is an analytical tool or methodology, and was developed in the late sixties for planning and managing projects. Today, international cooperation agencies use it almost exclusively. From Honduras comes a critical contribution concerning the weaknesses and limitations of this tool for working in that country.... continuar...


#IAm132: A symbol of outrage and resistance
Here we offer a chronological reconstruction of #YoSoy132 (#I am132) in its first four months of life, tracing its evolution and explaining the beginnings of this energetic, playful and intelligent movement. These months express the process the movement has gone through and the trends defining its direction.... continuar...


The third horseman of neoliberalism: The Neo-Pentecostals (part 4)
The Neo-Pentecostals’ mega-churches are really mega-businesses. Their pastors act like executives and employ showman skills to entertain their followers. They preach entrepreneurship, management spirit and positive thinking. They were born in the USA but are spreading fast throughout Central America.... continuar...

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