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  Number 28 | Octubre 1983



World Attention Shifts East: Tensions In Central America Persist
NEWS ANALYSIS: SEPT. 5, 1983 OCT. 5, 1983 The international context in which Nicaragua is situated is being defined by the repercussions of the downing of the South Korean plane and by the recrudescence of the conflict in Lebanon – all this as the time limit on the discussions about missile placements in Europe is running out. ... continuar...


Nicaragua's New Army: Fighting To Achieve Peace
One of the images that has been most projected abroad in order to discredit the meaning of the Nicaraguan revolution is the one claiming that the Sandinista Army has extreme offensive capacity.... continuar...


Young People In A Young Country: A Look At Nicaraguan Youth
Some 67.2% of the population of Nicaragua is less than 24 years old. We present here a first sketch of the past, present and future of the young men and women between 14 and 24 years of age, on whom the social transformation of the new Nicaragua in large measure depends.... continuar...

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