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  Number 221 | Diciembre 1999
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Crossroads at the Century’s End
The recent events that closed the century and the millennium for Nicaragua have the quality of historic crossroads. The President of the Republic successfully culminated his political revenge against... continuar...


JARQUÍN WARNS OF A RETURN TO THE PAST From his jail cell, Comptroller General Agustín Jarquín sent a letter to the members of the Inter-American Human Rights Commission and Inter-American Human... continuar...


Governance in Nicaragua
The United Nations Development Program in Nicaragua (UNDP) has insisted in recent years that governance and the fight against poverty are central elements to achieving sustainable, people-centered development,... continuar...


Summing Up Hurricane Mitch: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
One year after Mitch, that mega-hurricane that changed the lives of so many thousands of Central Americans, the activities to rehabilitate what it destroyed are still going on. The reconstruction process,... continuar...

El Salvador

The Subversive Memory Of a Country’s Martyrs
A decade ago, in the early hours of November 16, officers and troops of a special Salvadoran army squad entered the Jesuit Central American University (UCA) in San Salvador and one by one blew out the... continuar...

América Latina

Let People’s Voices Be Heard In the New Millennium
When we inaugurated Radio Enriquillo in southeastern Dominican Republic, we wanted to open its microphones to all voices. From the first day of transmission, we wanted to experience the audience's direct... continuar...

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