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  Number 219 | Octubre 1999



So Poor, So Indebted, So Vulnerable
The debt “pardon” has indebted us; the adjustment applied to us is not adjusting our maladjustments; and the Liberal government that is administering the debt write-off and the adjustment program is aggravating the country's structural problems more every day. All these crises are cyclical, and they are all making us increasingly vulnerable.... continuar...


A PARDON IN ONE HAND, A WARNING IN THE OTHER During the Annual IMF-World Bank Assembly on September 29, President Bill Clinton pledged to get his government to pardon 100% of the debt owed to... continuar...


Ciudad Darío: Home of a Poet And Thousands of “<i>Linieros</i>”
To use the famous phrase of Nicaragua's renowned poet Ruben Darío, his birthplace accomplished “small great” things in the fields of both justice and organization in the first day of the Hurricane Mitch emergency a year ago. It has accomplished even more since then to reduce its vulnerability both to natural disasters and to the economic crisis.... continuar...

El Salvador

Absent Government and Opposition
On balance, Francisco Flores' first 100 days of government could not have been worse. He has proven to be an “absent” President, locked behind the same doors that kept him hidden away before he took office. His management of a variety of problems--including a series of demands by striking veterans—has been clumsy and he has bored the country with persistent speeches loaded with rhetoric quite out of keeping with the real situation.... continuar...


Raining Questions
he fact that the powerful Ulúa River swept away a Bailey bridge that the US Marines had erected in Ilama after Mitch was a reminder that the country is still very fragile and vulnerable and will continue to be so until adequate measures are taken.... continuar...


Alliances, Students And Chiapas: All Talks Aborted
The natural disaster afflicting the country just adds to the other man-made disasters. It is lamentable that the Alliance for Mexico—all of the opposition against the PRI—died before it was even born. Meanwhile, the students are still on strike and the government is trying to prolong the conflict. And in Chiapas, the government is calling for dialogue and activating war.... continuar...

América Latina

Setting Chile on the Right Path
Since the end of war in the region, some Central American countries have been struggling to put the atrocities of war and decades of government and military repression behind them. The debate on how to do so has ranged between full disclosure and possibly punishment of those responsible for the horrendous human rights violations, to sweeping it all under the rug on the argument that reopening old wounds is morbid, serves no good purpose and could just stir up trouble. The detention exactly a year ago of General Pinochet, a veritable symbol of ruthless dictatorship in Latin America, has very belatedly forced that debate into the open in Chile. We offer a concrete proposal emerging from that debate that shows the importance of dealing with the issue well.... continuar...

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