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  Number 193 | Agosto 1997



An Anthropologist in a Managua Gang
The anthropologist became a gang member in order to know from the inside something of the logic of the hundred gangs that operate in the 400 neighborhoods of the Nicaraguan capital. These are the first notes on this interesting experience. ... continuar...


National Dialogue or Liberal Monologue?
What is the government’s objective in the National Dialogue? What is the FSLN’s objective with its street protests? Nicaragua is more in need of realities than of images; it needs concrete commitments and spaces where all can participate. ... continuar...


COMPTROLLER GENERAL V. PRESIDENT: 2-0 At the end of June, Comptroller General of the Republic Agustín Jarquín ruled that the process by which the San Antonio and Victoria de Julio sugar refineries... continuar...


Poverty: Protagonist Of the Post War
Now that war is no longer the main actor, there appears on stage the undeserved poverty of huge numbers of people. There is consciousness of this problem, and there are efforts that try to make definite breaks with the past.... continuar...


Cuban Civil Society: An Urgent Encyclopedia
To our readers: You may want to read this encyclopedia in alphabetical order, or search first for what particularly interests you, a la carte, as in any encyclopedia. Even if you don't go in alphabetical... continuar...


What Remains of Socialism?
The shipwreck of European socialism has left five valuable legcies: a science, an experience, a warning, a search and a pending task. Since the majority of humanity lives in poverty and history goes on, it is urgent to reflect on these legacies.... continuar...

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