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  Number 157 | Agosto 1994



Mangrove Swamps: the Sea's Kindergarten
The mangroves are the childhood gardens of the seas. The waters there are a nutritious soup that feeds a great number of child-species. The shrimp business should not signal the death of the mangroves.... continuar...


The Foreign Debt: Catastrophe or Oportunity?
Our foreign debt is unpayable, but we pay it. Its weight is heavy enough to make Nicaragua unviable. There will never be development if this problem is not resolved. The situation is so serious that it will carry us into an abyss -- or else it will provide us with an opportunity and will oblige us to elaborate in joint fashion an economic plan that requires debt forgiveness and justifies it.... continuar...


The Future Beckons from the Whirlwind's Eye
Property, privatizations, foreign debt, growth, economic policy, consensus – these are the great political and economic topics of the real country. All are interrelated, all are interwoven in a whirlwind. In the eye of the whirlwind the future awaits us.... continuar...


CONSTITUTIONAL REFORMS SNAGGED Contrary to expectations, the National Assembly went the entire month of June without receiving the package of constitutional reforms for debate. The delay stems... continuar...

El Salvador

Security, Impunity, Justice
The new government had its plans: it went easy on crime in order not to dissolve the police and to get the army to take on public order duties. A highly publicized assault on an armored bank vehicle changed the rules of the game.... continuar...


The "Changing" Country and the Real One
The peace conversations between the URNG and the government make the country look different from what it is, but the real Guatemala is the same: terror is still in charge, and the army is still giving orders. ... continuar...


At the Edge of War?
Convoked by the EZLN, hundreds of representatives of Mexican civil society will meet in Chiapas from August 6th to 9th to discuss democracy. Twelve days after that will be the elections. And after that?... continuar...

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