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  Number 120 | Julio 1991
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The FSLN's Dilemma--Stability at What Cost?
May 22 marked the last day of the truce regarding strikes and salary demands that the National Workers' Federation (FNT) had agreed to in March. The Sandinista umbrella union conceded the truce to support... continuar...


AIDS in Nicaragua
Ten years ago, on June 5, 1981, the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta published a short report on an unusual outbreak of a strain of pneumonia among five gay men in Los Angeles. Though nobody at... continuar...


AID/FISE: Solving the Unemployment Problem?
The Emergency Social Investment Fund (FISE) has been celebrated in the pro-government press as the solution to Nicaragua's unemployment problems. While Minister of the Presidency Antonio Lacayo promised... continuar...


THE CONTRA WAR, PART II One year after the last of the US-backed contra forces were disarmed as part of the demobilization and repatriation process, groups of contras (known as... continuar...


One Year of Coast Autonomy: Little to Celebrate
May 4, 1991 should have been treated as an historic milestone in Nicaragua, deserving of fanfare and celebration. It even merited a foreign journalist or two, one of the many who spent so much time... continuar...

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