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  Number 94 | Mayo 1989



MORE CONTRA AID In an unusual bipartisan move, President Bush reached an agreement with Congress to provide the contras with nonmilitary aid until after Nicaragua's elections take... continuar...


From a Mixed-up Economy Toward a Socialist Mixed Economy
Where is Nicaragua headed? The government's call early this year for concertation—forging a working national unity—in the economic arena has sparked heated debates and a number of widely diverging interpretations... continuar...

El Salvador

Time to Negotiate
Although the civil war continued to be the single most determining factor of life in El Salvador, the electoral process (only indirectly related to the war) seriously affected the counterinsurgency strategy... continuar...


Negotiations Held Hostage
Three models in vontention Three development models are contending for leadership of Guatemala's sociopolitical and economic process. 1. State Stabilization Option. This model has... continuar...


In the Negotiating Mode
As Soviet peace initiatives lead the way out of the cold war era, a series of regional conflicts are coming to a negotiated end. It is difficult to imagine that the peace agreements being reached in... continuar...


Just the Facts – on Central America
##1989-8-94-05-03-1-en## ##1989-8-94-05-03-2-en##... continuar...


Conclusion Negotiations: A Revolutionary Tool
Why was 1988 a year of movement towards a negotiated end to the Central American conflicts? There are five key factors: 1) The growing Central American economic crisis, rendering regional governments... continuar...

Estados Unidos

An End to the Cold War?
The Reagan Administration's attempt to depict the Soviet Union and its allies as "the evil empire" lost credibility as Mikhail Gorbachev pursued new domestic and international approaches. There is a... continuar...

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