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  Number 92 | Marzo 1989
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Breakthrough For Peace
The five Central American Presidents signed an accord in an advance towards peace on February 14 that could prove as dramatic and significant as the initial launching of the Esquipulas II plan in Guatemala... continuar...


Atlantic Coast: Pearl Lagoon: Back from war and winds
Trailing up to 50 logs behind them, boats pull up daily now to the beached iron barge that acts as a dock in the Creole community of Pearl Lagoon. The logs have been hauled from the forests surrounding... continuar...


Health: Taking AIDS Seriously
Located in the eastern half of the city, Bello Horizonte is one of Managua's traditional working-class neighborhoods, the site of frequent combats during the 1979 insurrection. The hub of the barrio ... continuar...


Human Rights: Opposition Rights Group Continues Attack
The Permanent Commission on Human Rights (CPDH), headed up by Lino Hernández and directed by some of the leading political opposition figures in Nicaragua, continues its broadsides against the Sandinistas... continuar...


CANAL THROUGH NICARAGUA: AN ANCIENT DREAM REVIVED The Nicaraguan government announced officially on February 10 that it was in communication with a group of Japanese businessmen and scientists... continuar...


Just The Facts
##1989-8-92-03-02-1-en## ##1989-8-92-03-02-2-en## ##1989-8-92-03-02-3-en## ... continuar...


Poll of Youth in Managua: Strong Believers, Diverging Directions
How religious are Managua’s young people? Have revolutionary changes, tensions within the Catholic Church or conflict between sectors of the Catholic hierarchy and the revolution affected young people's... continuar...


Joint Declaration of the Central American Presidents
The Presidents of El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, meeting in the province of La Paz in the Republic of El Salvador on February 13 and 14 of 1989, analyzed the current situation... continuar...

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