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Central American University - UCA  
  Number 84 | Junio 1988



Peace Stalls in Managua—Goes Backward in Region
In last month's analysis, we made some guesses about the options open to the Nicaraguan counterrevolution in light of the commitments they had made in Sapoá on March 23rd. This month our analysis takes... continuar...


Road Ends at El Rama: A Case Study of the War
“It seems to me that with Sapoá or without it, this is going to be the corner where the last contras put up their final fight. This little place of ours has interested them too much to give it... continuar...


Building a Housing Policy from the Ground Up
A quick tour around Managua, Nicaragua's capital city of nearly a million residents, takes one through working class neighborhoods that still bear signs of the tremendous damage wrought by the 1972 earthquake,... continuar...

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