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  Number 71 | Mayo 1987
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Nicaragua Wages Peace, Reagan Steps Up War
The political trends discussed in March's envío were confirmed by April's events. Despite his increasing isolation, Ronald Reagan has not swayed from his determination to topple the Sandinista... continuar...


NICARAGUA BRIEFS: In Memory of Those Who Died So That the Bells No Longer Toll in Nicaragua
Text of remarks by President Daniel Ortega during the funeral service for Benjamin Ernest Linder in Matagalpa, Nicaragua on April 30, 1987. Elizabeth, David, Miriam, John, Allison and Robin—parents,... continuar...


Mental Health Care: Towards a New Vision
Lock up a normal and sane person (if you find one, please let me know! But anyway, let's just say a person who's within the range of what we call normal, so that we can go on with this article). Let's... continuar...


Rural Workers Confront the Economic Crisis
Nicaragua’s agrarian structure, traditionally geared to export crops—coffee, cotton, sugar—that require seasonal labor, created a great number of agricultural workers, most of them seasonal, who followed... continuar...

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