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  Number 473 | Diciembre 2020



Two hurricanes and a financial deluge were game changers
The destructive force of Hurricanes Eta and Iota have changed the national political scenario, providing the big business groups a justification to pressure for a national dialogue. The regime, buoyed by the multilateral aid pouring in to respond to the climatic tragedy, has begun to reveal clues about its next electoral farce.... continuar...


Nicaragura briefs
THE PANDEMIC ADVANCES While the government reduces the number of infections and deaths from the coronavirus pandemic in each of its brief weekly reports, the Citizens’ Observatory’s weekly... continuar...


“We need to talk to others with empathy and trust in their good faith”
This lawyer has been a legislative representative for several Liberal parties, and since 2019 he has been advising the Civic Alliance on territorial organizing techniques. Here he analyzes the challenges facing the blue and white opposition and where the main current challenge—unity—stands at the moment. ... continuar...


The Indio Maíz Biological Reserve: We’re losing this national treasure
.The disastrous fire that destroyed thousands of hectares of the Caribbean Coast’s Indio Maíz Reserve in April 2018 ignited environmental awareness in Managua’s youth and was prologue to the civic rebellion still in resistance today. Preventing the disasters regularly caused in the reserve by land merchants, cattle ranchers, settlers, loggers, miners and mono-croppers should be a priority in any “country plan.” All of us have a responsibility to save this natural treasure.... continuar...


Remembering for History: Memories of “El Cap”
Hundreds of youths have been captured and tortured for raising their voices against the Ortega government and against the repression with which it responded to those voices starting in April 2018. “El Cap” was one of those young people. While all information that could identify him has been changed for his safety, what he details here is true, painfully true. He recalls those first steps on his way to hell, and tells his story for history. ... continuar...


“Not even one has been fulfilled”
On November 16, the day Hurricane Iota slammed into Nicaragua, Mónica Baltodano, representing the nation’s blue and white opposition, shared views with the European Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights. The following is her summary of the current political context, delivered via a virtual platform. ... continuar...

El Salvador

A reconciliation that never arrives  and the amnesty law that entombed it
The Truth Commission published its report in March 1993. Almost immediately, the political parties represented in the Legislative Assembly passed an amnesty law and President Alfredo Cristiani quickly enacted it. That sweeping and retroactive general amnesty, buried all efforts at reconciliation and remembrance. In 2016 the Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional. And now...?... continuar...


Fascism 2.0 in eight lessons
This text, by a global reference in the social sciences field, is missing a few names, for example Daniel Ortega, a splendid student of the eight lessons of Fascism 2.0. ... continuar...

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