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  Number 472 | Noviembre 2020
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The OAS sets a deadline: Is this the regime’s last opportunity?
The Organization of American States General Assembly has issued a resolution regarding Nicaragua’s regime that sounds very much like an ultimatum, a last chance: by at least six months before the November 2021 elections it must guarantee the population full political liberties and an election with genuine competition and observation. The OAS set this deadline at the same time as Daniel Ortega, in line with his script, has added three more repressive laws that have earned him still more international repudiation. It is also a time when the organized blue and white opposition is deciding whether to set aside its differences and come together or split in two, which would virtually assure Ortega’s electoral win. What negotiations might we see in the next six months? ... continuar...


Nicaragura briefs
LAKE COCIBOLCA CONTAMINATED Amaru Ruiz, director of Fundación del Río, sounded a warning about the serious consequences of a recent shipwreck in Lake Cocibolca (also known as Lake Nicaragua).... continuar...


“After the OAS resolution, pressuring Ortega daily is our job”
Nicaragua’s permanent representative to the OAS for over four yearrs during the contra war (1982-1986) shared his reflections on this regional organization and the resolution it approved on October 21, setting a deadline for the Nicaraguan government to retake the democratic path.... continuar...


Priorities for dealing with Nicaragua’s new COVID-19 phase
Nicaragua’s Academy of Sciences organized an international seminar in August to analyze the country’s real COVID-19 situation. Twenty-one scientists, 10 of them Nicaraguans and 11 from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras and the United States, exchanged information and their own experiences and hammered out a policy proposal for the pandemic,  with specific recommendations for getting ag rip on it. This is the text that came out of that seminar, with a few figures updated for October.... continuar...


Before and during the pandemic in Central America:... and after?
The coronavirus has disproportionately hit Central America’s peoples and communities, which lack safe water, sanitation and health services, and any short-term prospect of economic reactivation. And what about the more long-term future of this region? This pandemic is no interlude; it’s a crossroads for civilization, one that demands a new world economic and welfare model, and a new global environmental and governance agreement. ... continuar...

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