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  Number 471 | Octubre 2020
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Before night sets in
As the regime arms itself with legal tools to ratchet up its repressive policy to the max and pushes its electoral campaign at a sustained pace, the design of a post-election Nicaragua in which Daniel Ortega remains in power for at least another five years in a tacit alliance with one national economic and political sector is now on the table. Can the organized blue and white opposition reach agreements to ensure the unity of action that could break up this play? And will the blue and white social majority protest enough to force them to do so before that long, dark night sets in?... continuar...


Nicaragua briefs
CITIZEN’S OBSERVATORY REPORT ON COVID-19 On September 11, six months after the first case of COVID-19 was officially recognized in Nicaragua, the Citizen’s Observatory, which provides information... continuar...


“It’s time to be clear: Without unity we won’t defeat Ortega”
Rector of the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua-Leon from 1994 to 2006 and of the American University in Managua from 2007 until resigning in December 2018, Ernesto Medina has represented academia in the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy since the April uprising of that same year. Here he offers his reflections on the difficulties the organized blue and white opposition is facing.... continuar...


“The sexual violence committed by the State of Nicaragua is a crime against humanity”
A sexual violence Court of Conscience, representing the Platform for Access to Justice created by Nicaraguan human rights organizations and the Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress, conducted a legal analysis in San José, Costa Rica, of the testimony of 18 Nicaraguan victims of sexual abuse after being arbitrarily captured and held by armed men in the pay of the Nicaraguan regime. We offer extracts of its findings, concluded on September 11.... continuar...


“Justice will come. It’s merited… and we will be there”
Taken from an interview published by Confidencial at the conclusion of the Court of Conscience.... continuar...

América Latina

Nine proposals for change in times of coronavirus
This initiative is an eco-social pact by both individuals and organizations of different countries motivated by the urgency of countering the capitalist readjustment dynamics arising in the midst of the pandemic. Its nine proposals aim at creating changes that will bring about a decent future for Latin America and the Caribbean.... continuar...

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