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  Number 469 | Agosto 2020
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Angels and demons
What political price will the pandemic ultimately exact from Ortega and Murillo among their own followers? What political consequences can we expect from a turnover in business class leadership after 13 years of the same reelected person? Will Ortega negotiate electoral reforms before learning the results of the US elections? His speech at the annual July 19 commemoration gave no hint of an answer to these questions. ... continuar...


Nicaragua Briefs
DEADLY CELEBRATIONS IN LA TRINIDAD During the afternoon of July 19, a vehicle carrying FSLN sympathizers was driving through a neighborhood of La Trinidad in the department of Estelí. When... continuar...


“I want Nicaraguan society to see COSEP with fresh eyes”
This lawyer and businesswoman reflects on the present and future of Nicaragua’s Superior Council of Private Enterprise (COSEP), which was founded in 1978 as a coordinating body for the diverse business associations and think tanks, She argues for its democratization and a turnover of leaders. ... continuar...

El Salvador

What does Bukele represent? What do people see in him?
Where is El Salvador heading? Tensions between a legislative branch that wants to govern and an executive branch that wants to legislate have caused extreme polarization, made worse by the pandemic, and it seems it won’t be resolved until the February 2021 elections. So far, the majority backs the Executive.... continuar...


Questions about the death of Qawa’ Domingo Choc Ché
The Mayan spiritual leader Domingo Choc Ché was burned to death on June 6 by a mob in the village of Chimay, in Petén, Guatemala, accused of witchcraft by some of his own villagers. There are many more questions than answers about the dynamics that led to his lynching, and thus also about what should be done that beg vital social answers for Guatemala, and for our region as a whole. ... continuar...


This is a 21st-century epidemic
This pandemic is the product of this society. It couldn’t have happened at any another time. It is unimaginable outside of our society, our world; it belongs to it. Epidemics will continue to happen; it’s why we have epidemiologists. Just as we have firefighters because there are fires. How do we prevent another pandemic like this one given that we can’t lock ourselves in every year? No economy can withstand an annual lockdown. Therefore, we’ll have to learn.” That’s a sample of this scientist’s thinking. Below we offer more of his ideas on the subject. ... continuar...

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