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  Number 466 | Mayo 2020
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April 2018 + 2: Resisting the dictatorship and now the virus
A new crisis has joined the political and economic ones already generated by the regime’s brutal response to the civil protests that began exactly two years ago. Now the ruling couple and its fanatic followers are refusing to deal responsibly with COVID-19. The blue and white population must thus combine its ongoing peaceful resistance against the dictatorship with intelligent defense against the economic and health crises. ... continuar...


Nicaragua briefs
ECONOMIC MEASURES The Multidisciplinary Scientific Committee, created to respond to the pandemic, issued a statement on March 7 in which it proposed “economic relief measures for the vulnerable... continuar...


“The Coronavirus has lain bare the tragedy we’re experiencing”
This molecular biologist and vice rector of the Central American University, offers his analysis of the microorganism that is devastating the planet today and evaluates the Nicaraguan regime’s disastrous approach. ... continuar...

América Latina

A Coronavirus firewall
Viruses multiply when humanity provides the conditions. Deforestation, the agricultural model and factory farming, breaking up public health systems, even individualism, and so many other features of the development model imposed on the world by neoliberal capitalism, facilitate the appearance of viruses such as COVID-19. A firewall is a swath of land left uncultivated to keep forest fires from spreading to crops. What firewalls will stop the coronavirus and those that come after? ... continuar...


We are facing the threat of extinction
This activist for a radical transformation of the oil- and other fossil fuel-based system has for decades called for changes in industrial society toward more sustainable models. He has written more than 20 books proposing formulas that could ensure our continued existence on this planet, in balance with both the environment and our own species. These are some of his ideas. ... continuar...

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