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  Number 461 | Noviembre 2019
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Reflections of Nicaragua’s crisis in Latin America’s new social uprisings
Before comparing and contrasting what has been happening the past couple of months in countries as near as Honduras and as far away as Chile with what we’ve been living through in Nicaragua since April... continuar...


Nicaragua briefs
ORTEGA GOVERNMENT NO. 1 LETHAL REPRESSOR OF CIVIL PROTESTS On October 25, Nicaragua’s daily newspaper La Prensa presented a journalistic investigation showing that Nicaragua’s regime has... continuar...


“We already won the elections; now we need to organize to make it real”
The Electoral Reform Promotion Group has been working in Nicaragua since 2002, and has made a very important contribution to this institutional challenge. The current Electoral Law, resulting from the... continuar...


Will we have new Army leadership or five more years of the same?
The military leadership’s succession process is very relevant to the building of democratic institutions in Nicaragua. To date, despite that importance, the media and limited opinion circles have focused... continuar...

El Salvador

Nayib Bukele kicks off his term to massive approval
According to public opinion polling first by La Prensa Gráfica and followed by the Institute of Public Opinion at El Salvador’s Central American University (IUDOP-UCA), the administration of... continuar...


Utopias in Central America (part 3): From disillusion to April in Nicaragua
Throughout his life and work German philosopher Immanuel Kant attempted to answer three major questions: What can I learn? What must I do? And what can I hope for? In sum, he was asking about the... continuar...

América Latina

Ecuador’s rebellious speak with one voice
A“swarm of parasites” was how President Lenín Moreno referred to those who protested the “government for everyone” package that penalized the vast majority to defend the interests of the richest 1%... continuar...

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