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  Number 458 | Agosto 2019
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Here until 2021… and even beyond?
On July 25, Nicaragua’s Student Day, representatives of the different university coalitions formed around the April 2018 rebellion against the Ortega dictatorship called a march in memory of four students... continuar...


Nicaragua briefs
CAPITAL SINS In an article published by the Spanish newspaper El País titled “El sueño de la razón” (taken from the Goya painting, The sleep of reason produces monsters), Nicaraguan... continuar...


Has there ever been rural development in Nicaragua?
When we were nomads, our entire lives were in contact with nature. We human beings would interact permanently with the earth, waters, trees, their fruits… Everything changed when we became sedentary... continuar...


The six phases of state repression against the civic uprising
Ever since the civic insurrection kicked off in April 2018, the government of Daniel Ortega has responded to the massive peaceful protests with repressive actions involving the police force, shock groups... continuar...


The beginning of the April uprising…
Regardless of the specific nature of all the events examined by the GIEI, the protests were at first peaceful. Use of mortars The marches, the gatherings at universities and their occupation,... continuar...


Words are my machete
Those whose calling is to write were readers first. It’s practically a law. My father was a journalist, and his workspace was packed with books. I felt they were alive, waiting for me. My mother,... continuar...


Ten years of a coup d’état: “I, Juan Orlando Hernández…”
Ten years after the 2009 coup d’état that shook Honduras’ institutional life and that of its entire population and reverberated throughout the continent as the 21st century’s first successful coup, the... continuar...

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