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  Number 454 | Mayo 2019



Where’s the way out…?
justice, democracy and liberty for all? How will we shake off the economic stagnation? Is Nicaraguan society yet able to visualize new horizon, a future with room for us all? Most people have discarded a violent approach, opting instead for civic struggle and resistance. Two and a half months of “negotiations” have shown that Ortega brought neither good will nor good faith to the table. Even an electoral solution, also necessarily negotiated with him, still appears to be enveloped in murky uncertainty.... continuar...


Nicaragua briefs
CENTRAL BANK’S ANNUAL ECONOMIC REPORT On April 9, Ovidio Reyes, president of the Central Bank of Nicaragua (BCN), presented his institution’s annual report on the economy to the National Assembly.... continuar...


Today’s challenge for the Blue and White opposition
This former legislator, who has represented several Liberal parties in the National Assembly and is currently in the Broad Front for Democracy, a part of the Blue and White National Unity, x-rays the opposition to Ortega’s dictatorship, describing its advances and challenges.... continuar...


The repressive structures will eventually have to be investigated
When Nicaragua’s justice system becomes independent and autonomous, the structures that captured, beat, injured and killed thousands of Nicaraguans will have to be investigated. The Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI) explains in its report that the ways these structures were recruited, armed and financed must also be investigated, along with their actions in coordination with the National Police. The investigation must also cover the Army’s role in training them and the Vice President’s role in the orders they were issued.... continuar...

El Salvador

The FMLN’s debts at a time of transition rife with questions
After ten years in the presidency the FMLN leaves behind quite serious debts for a party that calls itself revolutionary. What will the new government bring? Its priority is a full fiscal overhaul. Events surrounding the transition foretell months of confrontation between the executive and legislative branches, even greater than when ARENA or the FMLN were in opposition. Now, both parties sit in opposition to Bukele.... continuar...


Reflections after decades of solidarity work
Sally O’Neill survived Central America’s violence, death squads and earthquakes, as well as cancer… and died at 68 this Abril 7 .in a tragic accident on a rainy, foggy Guatemalan highway. For 37 years she worked for Trocaire, a Catholic Church development agency in Ireland. We got to know her during the 1980s and 90s, when she was directing its work in Central America, years of civil wars and difficult transitions towards peace. We will never forget her joy, energy and commitment. She spoke to envío 15 years ago about the history and hallenges of North-South cooperation. In her memory, we reproduce parts of that still-valid talk, in which she also shared part of her own history.... continuar...

América Latina

The Left’s human sacrifices and its war on peoples
The Left has sacrificed human beings in pursuit of its grand ideas throughout its history, This has now also happened in Nicaragua: Ortega’s regime killed, tortured, captured and condemned to “defend the revolution” and deal with a “conspiracy.” Why does the Left consider dissent to be treason? Why has the European Left been so dazzled by Latin American revolutionary rhetoric while failing to critique its predatory extractivism that has declared war on the region’s peoples?... continuar...

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