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  Number 447 | Octubre 2018



Blue and white resistance v. the state of exception
The Ortega-Murillo dictatorship seems to have neither limits nor scruples in its relentless determination to stay in power and impose its “normality” via irrational repression. Is there still any possibility of a national dialogue to negotiate early elections and a civic way out of this crisis? Six months into the April insurrection and counting, we’ve entered an undeclared state of exception, the economy is poised for a nosedive and Washington’s sanctions are now ready.... continuar...


Nicaragua briefs
CENTRAL BANK FIGURES NO LONGER PUBLISHED On September 6 the Central Bank of Nicaragua (BCN) stopped publishing daily reports about the status of public and private finances (international... continuar...


“The regime is using the judicial system as a repressive political weapon”
Reflections by a former attorney general on the crisis the government triggered in April, with special emphasis on the illegal treatment of hundreds of political prisoners the regime has jailed under new laws in the third stage of its repression.... continuar...


“Together we’re a volcano... but we had forgotten it”
The author of this piece is using a pseudonym. She wrote it at the three-month mark of April’s rebellion. In her words, her reflections, we recognize the thoughts and feelings of the hundreds and thousands of young women and men who began this unstoppable citizens’ insurrection. ... continuar...


University struggles in Nicaragua (part 2) The April students: More challenges and new possibilities
April’s university students face greater demands than those of the past. They carry four hundred dead on their back and are up against a dictatorship now proven to be bloodier than that of the Somozas. But they’ve proven they have courage. Their instrument is the social networks, which their predecessors didn’t have. These networks expand and magnify events and the horizon of possibilities. Could they also accelerate the processes? ... continuar...

América Latina

The Left has no critique of the crisis in Venezuela
Nicaragua and Venezuela are increasingly being linked in analyses and declarations. The acute humanitarian crisis of the Bolivarian process and the repressive trend of the Ortega-Murillo process both pose serious questions for the international Left that can’t be resolved by unconditional, uncritical solidarity. ... continuar...

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