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  Number 445 | Agosto 2018
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The world now knows what’s happening in Nicaragua
the first shots fired to kill by the anti-riot police, But that was only the opening volley of the government’s repression. When the insurrectionists filled the streets with massive marches and raised roadblocks and barricades all across the country. the regime responded with the second repressive phase: a “clean-up operation” that reopened streets and highways but left rivers of blood. The high loss of lives among those in the civic rebellion has finally sparked accelerating international pressure. The regime is now in its third phase of repression, raiding homes, jailing and prosecuting opponents, It claims the country is “normalized” but the abnormality is tangible. Although the future is still uncertain, the civic resistance is prepared to take it on. ... continuar...


Nicaragua briefs
BRAZILIAN STUDENT MURDERED On July 23, Raynéia Gabrielle da Costa Lima Rocha, a 30-year-old Brazilian medical student who was finishing up her studies in the American University (UAM), was... continuar...


“The best solution for everyone, especially Ortega, is early elections”
With 22 years of experience under his belt in over 50 political processes on 3 continents, this professional electoral observer shares his thoughts about the complex political negotiation required to hold early elections and resolve Nicaragua’s crisis. ... continuar...


“The solution lies in measuring strength at the ballot box, not with weapons”
In his address at the end of the OAS General Assembly that had convened on July 11 to hear the final report of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, OAS General Secretary Luis Almagro read this speech. His words revealed an important and eloquent shift from the position he had held up to that point. The clarity of his vision opened up possibilities for finding a political solution to Nicaragua’s crisis and enjoys support from a majority of the continent.... continuar...


Musings on the April rebellion from a historical perspective
What will result from the April rebellion? What changes can we expect to emerge from everything we’re now living through? How will it make history view Daniel Ortega? Is it possible that April’s national uprising will bring the belated end of the hacendado-State Nicaraguans have endured for nearly two centuries and are living with today in its macabre Stalinist version?... continuar...

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