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  Number 444 | Julio 2018
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Resisting the strategy of terror
The enormous national effort to achieve a change in Nicaragua needs an equivalent international effort. In June we saw the first signs that the world is beginning to grasp what’s happening here: that Ortega is determined to hold on to power and has opted for a strategy of terrorist crimes to impose fear in the people, and those crimes have multiplied all over the country.... continuar...


Nicaragua briefs
THE IACHR ADDS NINE MORE RECOMMENDATIONS In its final report, presented to the OAS Permanent Council on June 22, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) added 9 recommendations... continuar...


“I’m certain we’ll bring down this dictatorship”
A lifelong Sandinista ideologue who fought in the final offensive against the Somoza dictatorship then headed the FSLN’s International Relations Department during the revolutionary government, López analyzes the challenges of today’s unarmed insurrection against the Ortega dictatorship.... continuar...


The government’s policy of terror has created a dilemma for the Army
Rather than accept that its days are numbered, the government has organized and armed shock troops made up of ex-police and army personnel, gang members, municipal workers and common criminals. Together with the anti-riot police, this hooded repressive mob is in charge of waging the Ortega-Murillo government’s strategy of terror. The legacy this bloody strategy will leave is bleak, but right now it poses a dilemma for the Army, which can no longer stay on good terms with both the government and the people, as it has attempted to do so far.... continuar...


The open veins of Nicaragua
This message is for leftists everywhere, and is also a self-criticism, admits its author. Weighing the hard lessons he posits here may be the best and most lasting way to show solidarity with Nicaragua’s people and respect their dignity.... continuar...


“We’ll never be the same”
“Being out on the streets the first two months of this struggle has raised many questions for me about our history’s terrifying repetition of dictatorship, only a few of which I’m raising here.” This is only one of the testimonies from one of the thousands of students who aroused national consciousness in April and initiated a civic insurrection against the dictatorship.... continuar...


“AMLO, I’ll be watching you”
Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, a.k.a. AMLO, unseated the nearly eternally governing PRI in Mexico’s general elections on July 1. This open letter posted in the social media offers one explanation for the mixed reactions to the victory of this outspoken leftist candidate of a coalition including his own four-year-old party, the National Regeneration Movement (Morena). ... continuar...

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