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  Number 443 | Junio 2018
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A cornered regime is shooting at a mounting civic revolution
The exploding insurrection of consciousness in April has unexpectedly only grown despite the military response. Whether in street mobilizations, highway blockades or dialogue, everyone is demanding the same thing: justice and democracy. The Ortega-Murillo regime’s answer has been injustice and repression, only losing it more supporters and adding more calls for their departure. Internationally, above all in the Organization of American States, awareness is growing of what has been happening, what’s happening now, and what could happen if the crisis in Nicaragua drags out. ... continuar...


Nicaragua briefs
REVOLUTION - DECALOGUE These 10 commandments were among the many memes, photos and videos that have appeared on social media, demonstrating a capacity for intelligent reflection and very often... continuar...


“The Civic Alliance is a huge achievement of the people’s rebellion”
The author is one of three civil societyrepresentatives in the new Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy, formed to negotiate a peaceful solution to Nicaragua’s crisis through a National Dialogue with the Ortega government. She shares her experiences in and reflections on this unique people’s effort as of May 30, an extremely fluid moment. ... continuar...


Roadmap to democratization
At the third National Dialogue session on May 23, the bishops presented the government delegation with a proposal for democratizing the country as a starting point for a debate between it and the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy. Although this debate has yet to take place, we offer its full text to show that what the civic insurrection is proposing is both legal and constitutional. ... continuar...


Dozens dead, hundreds wounded or detained, plus torture and censorship...
Returning to Washington after his observation visit to Nicaragua, IACHR Executive Secretary Paulo Abrão told international media that an atmosphere of “intimidation and harassment is installed in Nicaragua against students, human rights defenders and people from civil society who take to the streets.” He added that “the region is not yet sufficiently attentive to what is happening in Nicaragua.” The following is the preliminary IACHR report published on May 21.... continuar...


Are April and May’s “vandals” Reparto Schick gang members?
In the bloodiest days of April and since, Daniel Ortega blamed neighborhood gangs for the violence and looting in the streets. His barely credible words opened the door for paid “gang members” to ransack supermarkets and local businesses and for a climate of chaos that still blankets the country. I can shed no light on whether these mercenary thugs have ties to any of Nicaragua’s “traditional” gangs. But I can say whether those purported ties involved gangs from Reparto Schick.... continuar...

América Latina

The end of post-neoliberalism
The end of Latin America’s progressive governments permits us to see how they administered a project that wasn’t post-capitalist, but merely post-neoliberal. Those governments themselves surreptitiously introduced the “conservative restoration” they are denouncing today and were the ones who paved the way for it in their countries.. ... continuar...

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