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  Number 441 | Abril 2018
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With the international siege closing in, the social networks are now a target
Nicaragua’s government seems paralyzed by increasing uncertainty, treading water rather than addressing urgent economic problems. The international siege, particularly from Washington, is closing in, while at home the government now controls virtually everything,,,, except the social networks. In its preparation for worsening domestic scenarios, the government now even has them in its crosshairs. ... continuar...


Nicaragua briefs
CONGRATS TO RUSSIA……BUT NOT TO COSTA RICA Heading into the second week after Carlos Alvarado, the presidential candidate for Costa Rica’s Citizen Action Party, trounced Evangelical candidate... continuar...


A country’s prisons reflect its social and political reality
As a lawyer, a political prisoner and then a human rights defender, she has known the prisons of the Somoza era, the revolution, the Liberal governments and the present day. The author recalls some of those experiences with Nicaragua’s prison system over half a century. ... continuar...


Why are we ignoring science?
How many Nicaraguans are aware that when Stephen Hawking died on March 14 the world lost one of the most brilliant minds ever known on this planet? Why is Nicaragua, which has so many resources to contribute to science, so uninterested in it? With this question in mind I read a lot, looked for some scientists and formulated some conjectures. ... continuar...

El Salvador

A shift to the right in this year’s legislative elections
In the recent municipal and legislative elections, the FMLN lost some 30 local governments and ended up a clear minority in the Legislative Assembly. The executive branch, while still in the FMLN’s hands, will thus be weaker during the 13 months left of its term. Should the FMLN win the presidency again next year, governing will be hard with such a hostile Legislative Assembly. But while the correlation of forces in the State now favors the Right and will in the future, the political realities aren’t that simple. ... continuar...


Fears, efforts, lessons, challenges and hope in the second round of elections
Our country’s 51,100 square kilometers are home to millions of diverse Costa Ricans who’ve never been so set against one another as during the tremendous electoral tension and now, after Carlos Alvarado’s surprise victory. We will have to come together again, step by step, and repair the social fabric shredded by this intense political and electoral exercise, facing the many lessons and challenges of this new stage with intelligence. ... continuar...


The apocalypse according to Stephen Hawking
The great scientist Stephen Hawking died on March 14, his loss creating a vacuum that will be difficult to fill. Among his multiple legacies are dire warnings about the future of both the Earth and humanity. Here are a few. ... continuar...

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