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Central American University - UCA  
  Number 44 | Febrero 1985



Striving for Peace and Curbing the War
On January 10, before delegates from 69 countries of the world, Daniel Ortega was inaugurated President of the Republic of Nicaragua. On January 9, 96 representatives of 7 political parties held the... continuar...


A New Government: Programs and Self-Critical Evaluation
“This is a different kind of power. It’s new, original, and revolutionary, and it has no ties with the past. This power is sovereign. With all of us as its representatives, the people will have full... continuar...


The “Freedom” Fighters’ Dirty War: The Testimony of a US Nun
On January 8, counterrevolutionaries laid several ambushes near the town of San Juan de Limay, in the department of Estelí, killing 11 workers. The following day, at their funeral in Estelí, government... continuar...

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