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  Number 439 | Febrero 2018



The government and its allies are calling Washington’s cards
Last December 21, President Donald Trump, responding to the urging of a group of US legislators, added Nicaragua’s electoral branch president Roberto Rivas to a new executive order sanctioning 14 other foreign officials under the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act. Next day, four Republican and three Democratic senators introduced an even harsher Nica Act bill into the Senate than the version passed by the House on October 3. In those two days, Washington upped the stakes, but President Ortega wants his business allies to stand with the cards he holds. ... continuar...


Nicaragua briefs
ARMY TROOPS KILL SIX INLA CRUZ DEL RÍO GRANDE Troops of the Army’s Sixth Regional Military Command killed six people on November 12 in an operation in the community of San Pablo, municipality... continuar...


The FSLN’s relationship with religion has always been contradictory
From its earliest days to the present, the FSLN has had evolving, differing and very contradictory relationships with religion per se, the Catholic hierarchy, progressive and conservative Christians and also grassroots religious expressions. A major thread weaving through this brief look at the main stages in those relationships is the symbolic role of La Purísima. ... continuar...


“We need a proposal that inspires hope”
This Liberal politician and parliamentarian who has represented different Liberal parties analyzes Liberalism’s present and future and describes the opposition’s task in the current political times. ... continuar...


“My writing has always been spurred by obsession”
Claribel Alegría, Nicaraguan-Salvadoran. the most joyful and loving poet our country has ever known, died on January 26 at the age of 93, leaving Nicaragua a shining monument of 30 books, nearly all of them poetry. Just two months earlier she was in Madrid to receive the 23rd Queen Sofía Prize for Ibero-American Poetry. These were her words that day,November 13, 2017 ... continuar...

El Salvador

Veterans with disabilities still fighting battles in peacetime
Thousands of combatants were wounded in the war ended nearly three decades ago, and many were left with permanent disabilities. Today these veterans are engaging in civil protest and making legislative proposals to improve their lives. They’ve gone from military action to social struggle. ... continuar...


An antiquated system that refuses to change
Now halfway through his presidential term, Jimmy Morales is being challenged on corruption and closely scrutinized by the US State Department. He’s still defended by an archaic, dehumanizing system that refuses to change, even though it’s falling apart. The good news is that Guatemalan society now understands who owns that system. While they still have a lot of power, those owners are no longer anonymous. They’ve been unmasked… and this is progress ... continuar...


An election fraud with the taste of an imperialist coup
The word “fraud” sums up Honduras’ current situation, not only because the electoral fraud on November 26 was blatant, but also because much of Honduran society knew well beforehand that the entire process leading up to the elections was riddled with it, especially Juan Orlando Hernández’s controversial and illegal candidacy. The immediate result of this colossal fraud is political and social upheaval, and a future marked by an ungovernability that’s supremely hard to resolve. ... continuar...


A phantom is roaming the planet
Is the Earth flat? Was Darwin a mere trickster…? We’re experiencing an organized assault on reason that is virtually a return to the Middle Ages. It includes a war on the secular State, and on human rights and minority rights. This religious counter-Reformation is a very serious danger that’s moving like a phantom from the past against democracy. ... continuar...

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